Awkward Author Photo Contest Strikes Back: The Winner You Chose

And we have our You-Chosen Winner.

A reminder that this is the winner I picked — and this is the winner you picked.

That one is #10, and it gained an early, insurmountable lead in the voting that wouldn’t relent. And truly awkward, it is. It did, however, face some stuff competition between #18 and #9 (in second and third place, respectively).

Congrats to all.

Our two winners — please ping me at terribleminds at gmail so I can get you some SWEET SWEET PRIZES. Thanks all for participating, let’s get together and do this again sometimes. You bringing your A-Game — meaning, your Awkward-Game — with some awesomely uncomfortable authorial photos. You’re all super-weird. It’s wonderful. *applause*

5 responses to “Awkward Author Photo Contest Strikes Back: The Winner You Chose”

  1. I don’t consider most of the entries to be awkward author photos. They may be weird photos, but that doesn’t make them awkward.

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