Macro Monday And The Boycott Of Doom

It is another Monday.

Though, hopefully we can all agree that Mondays are fundamentally stupid, so we should collectively all agree to call them Pre-Tuesdays instead. And you can welcome this particular Pre-Tuesday with the open arms of GARY THE CRAB SPIDER, who has claimed that particular day-lily as his domain. (Sorry for folks who might be arachnophobic; I like to think that the photo is funny and goofy enough that you can barely tell he’s even a spider.)


A real quick buncha information to stuff into your brainholes:

First, hey, my Darth Vader annual — drawn by the impeccable Leonard Kirk — comes out July 18th, or next Weds, so hopefully you’ll grab it at your local comic book grotto. Note that some very fun people claim they want to boycott the issue — or “soycott” it, I guess, since they seem to love the “soy” insult with great dipshit gusto? — so feel free to read their very sound logic on why you should boycott my issue of a comic book.

Second, some folks have been asking about The Raptor & Wren (Miriam Black book five!) in audio — well, the day has come, and it is here. Narrated once again by Emily Beresford. Check it out.

Third, the audio for Damn Fine Story will be coming soon.

Fourth, soon I’ll have some cool news in the form of [redacted].

Fifth, note that the Awkward Author Photo Contest runs till this Wednesday, so you’re on your last chance to get in a photo. Don’t miss out. Prizes! Glory! Awkwardness!

And I think that’s it for now.

Here is another cool macro photo that I’m really happy with, this one of a blue dasher dragonfly — up close and personal.

Note too that the dragonfly’s head, if you ignore the eyes, looks like the face of a weirdly bearded man —

Or perhaps the King from Katamari Damacy —