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The Girl And The Tiger (And Other Updates)

I’ll share with you a ZOO TALE in just a moment, but first, a couple updates —

Houston and its environs is obviously in peril due to the hurricane, so I’d encourage you to donate in order to help people and help address the mounting devastation. Lots of folks can offer solid suggestions as to where your money goes best, and I’ll note that CharityNavigator has a good list. If you nab either of my Mookie Pearl books this week (The Blue Blazes and its followup, The Hellsblood Bride), I’ll donate all the proceeds to Americares.  (We’ll say this goes for roughly a week, till Monday, 11:59PM EST) I can only do this if you buy through those links, not Amazon or other e-retailers, FYI, just because I trust the tracking through direct sales, and less so through other sites.

Let’s see, what else?

I talked a little about writing and resistance at Inside 254 podcast.

Several books of mine are still on sale until the end of August, so only a couple more days to grab: the Heartland trilogy ($0.99 per book, the Atlanta Burns books (also under a buck per book), Zer0es. ($4.99), and Invasive ($4.99), on sale at all the standard e-tailer sites. If you’ve already read them, tell a friend, leave a review, scream about them to random passersby, tattoo their opening lines above your nethercrack, etc.

I’ve learned I’ll be at NYCC in October, so gird your loins.

Plus: Pelee Island, San Fran, Portland, Seattle, all in October. Woo.

And now, the tale of the Girl and the Tiger, amidst other zoo shenanigans: