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Flash Fiction Challenge: Pick A Sentence And Go

I’d like to note that last week’s post garnered 500+ entries.

Holy poopsnacks.

(Though I’ll also note that some of you went well and above contributing an entry, which is against the spirit of the thing if not against the law. Also a number of folks broke the proscriptions — a lot, in fact, mentioned death despite the restriction. Tsk tsk tsk.)

Getting ten sentences out of 500 is tricky, but I’m gonna try it.

The challenge is simple:

Pick one of the opening sentences below (or choose one randomly), then write. The story that results should be between 1000-2000 words. Post it at your online space and link back here. Due by next Friday, March 4th, noon EST. Note the sentence you choose forms the first sentence of the story.

1. “Of all the things I expected to find in my tomato soup, this wasn’t one of them.” (Stella Wood)

2. “The clock strikes 12:17 and all I can think is I should have called tails.” (HB McCarthy)

3. “The emerald ring was pretty enough, but the man offering it wasn’t.” (kirajessup)

4. “Getting into the program was the easy part; it was getting out that would take every skill she possessed.” (Diedra Black)

5. “Eyes shut against the darkness, counting back from ten, I hope to god it’s gone when I open them again.” (Jonny B)

6. “The first breath shattered her world, the second shattered her heart.” (Fred Yost)

7. “Every building has a secret entrance, one even the architects somehow overlooked.” (LP)

8. “It was Hadeon’s lie that saved the world.” (Berti Walker)

9. “The bald man grinned and capered madly in the alley.” (Sam Brady)

10. “A year ago, this would have been an unthinkable act.” (Sarah Brentyn)