Flash Fiction Challenge: Post An Opening Sentence

This one is pretty simple:

Write an opening sentence.

Post it in the comments below.

Any genre will do, really, though versatility has value.

The sentence should be on the shorter side. Let’s say, mmm, no more than 25 words. Some things to avoid, since sometimes folks fall into these traps: avoid blood, death, dead people, kids being hurt, and so forth. Think original. Conceive of a sentence that, when crafted right, is a strong hook. The kind that makes people want to read further. It makes them want to know more. Compelling and maddening in equal measure.

By next Friday, I will pick between five and ten I really like, and I’ll pop them into next week’s challenge, and you guys can choose one of those I pick to serve as the opening sentence to a new piece of flash fiction.

Today, no story necessary, though.

Just an opening line.

Due by next Friday, 2/26, noon EST.

536 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: Post An Opening Sentence”

  1. I was less concerned that I had conceived the fetus growing within me despite living in the celibate isolation of my underground bunker, than I was about the growths sprouting from my shoulder blades and increasingly disrupting my sleep.

    Lili Nemo

  2. […] new, a feature where I share rough short stories written either as an exercise or something like Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenges. This might not sound like a big deal, but for me, sharing raw work is like standing naked on a […]

    • Well done Katarina. I hear in the writing world sepia is the new orange which is the old black.

  3. It was a butchered mangle of a language; the sounds too harsh, the stresses too frequent, the consonants too throaty.

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