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Flash Fiction Challenge: The Cocktail Is Your Title

Last week’s challenge: “Rise of the Phoenix.”

This week?

Below you’ll find a list of 20 cocktails.

I love cocktails because they have great names. Evocative in their own fun way. So, you’ll choose a random cocktail from the table and use that as the title of your story. Use a d20 or a random number generator or, if none of those are really fizzing your gin, go ahead and use one that’s not on the list.

You’ve got 1500 words this time.

Due by June 20th, noon EST.

Post at your online space. Link to it in the comments below.

(Feel free to add “the” to any of the below titles.)

The Cocktail List

  1. Rusty Nail
  2. Pisco Sour
  3. Bee’s Knees
  4. Corpse-Reviver
  5. French 75
  6. Monkey Gland
  7. Boulevardier
  8. Twelve-Mile Limit
  9. Bird of Paradise
  10. White Lady
  11. Dirty Martini
  12. Rum Punch
  13. Mary Pickford
  14. Tuxedo No. 2
  15. Gin Rickey
  16. Paloma
  17. Blind Abbot
  18. Buttery Nipple
  19. Moscow Mule
  20. Screaming Orgasm