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Critique Session: Descriptions

Descriptions are tough, man. How much to include? How much to leave out? What’s worth describing and what’s not? So, high time for another critique session — this one focused on a descriptive sentence or paragraph. Pick a sentence or paragraph from your current WIP (or hell, write a new one if you’re so inclined) — one focused on description. Character description is a good place to look, but you can nab a section describing setting or a weapon or an orangutan super-spy. I trust your judgment. Which is why I’m hiding behind this Plexiglas enclosure while the rest of you paw and slap at each other HA HA HA kidding it’s not Plexiglass it’s bulletproof Gorilla glass shut up. *dons bomb suit* *ducks*


Deposit the snippet of your work in the comments below.

No more than, say, 100 words, if you please.

Putting it in the comments means you’re open to critique and should be willing to critique the work put forth by others. Critique should be even-handed, and focus on good parts as well as parts that maybe didn’t work so well for you.