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The Storium Kickstarter

And like that — *snaps fingers* — the Storium Kickstarter is live.

Wait, you’re saying, just what the hell is Storium again?

Storium, by Protagonist Labs, aims to circle back to the old way of telling stories — collaboratively, around a campfire. Except this campire? It’s digital. This is old-school storytelling given a 21st century upgrade. It’s a storyworld you can play in. A novel you can live inside. All shot through with a tasty rush of RPG DNA.

I’ve been privy to Storium’s ASCENDANCY TO THE THRONE — ahem, I mean, “creative inception” — since close to the beginning. Stephen approached me in a Shanghai opium den — ahem, I mean, “at a writing convention in Los Angeles” — and told me what he was trying to do and I got super-geeked about it because it’s totally my wheelhouse. Collaborative story-driven gameplay? With a transmedia bent? Amazing. I was in then, and I’m in now — as an advisor, as a matter of fact.

And I’m not alone. Storium has gathered a flock of fine, feathered creators, and all the other creative advisors are not just storytellers I respect, but actual friends who I trust implicitly. Uh, hello, Mur Lafferty? Will Hindmarch? J.C. Hutchins? Plus, the campaign launches with a bevy of amazing authors and game designers attached.

Thing is, Storium isn’t just a concept on some whiteboard. It’s playable. Like, mmm, now.

Back this project, you won’t wait two years to jump in.

People are already playing.

They’re already telling stories.

And sharing characters.

And engaging in imaginative worlds.

Storium is equal parts platform, marketplace, and DIGITAL MESSIAH.

Okay, maybe not so much that last part.

But you want a new way to engage with stories? And to tell your own?

Consider backing, wontcha?