The Hellsblood Bride: Cover Reveal!

Today, I wrote 5,000 words.

And I finished The Hellsblood Bride. Not quite 100k.

Which is, of course, the sequel to The Blue Blazes.

The adventures of Mookie Pearl and his daughter, Nora, continue hard-charging through the Great Below — the Hell beneath our feet. With that being said, seems like high-time for a cover reveal…


Joey-Hi again, baby.

You will, of course, note lots of little details — all relevant to the plot, because Joey Hi-Fi is a mad monster at rocking these covers and making them relevant to the story.

Hope you dig it.

And check out Blue Blazes if you wanna see where this all begins


29 responses to “The Hellsblood Bride: Cover Reveal!”

  1. The details on this cover (and on its predecessor) are a testament to the artist. He *must* get to, and actually read the entire novel in advance, or a version of same, yes?

    • He does look at the novel — I can’t speak to how intently he reads it, and I do supply him with details I think would be cool, but then he also shows up and is like I READ THIS COOL PART AND HERE IT IS because he is, as noted, fucking amazing.

  2. Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ I SWEAR you are like a freak of nature. 5k words by 2:00?? 1:00 central, where I am. I’m flabbergasted. I’m jealous. CORPORATE AMERICA IS EATING MY SOUL.

  3. Can’t wait to read! The level of detail on these covers kill me… Attempts to scrutinize for plot, engage!

    (Scrutiny mostly reveals some Louboutins and McQueens had babies on her feet. An unholy marriage if ever there was one ;))

  4. That is amazeballs..!!! Creating and designing a cover that’ll force you to read the book by giving you tiny snippets of the story is just briliant..!! You guys are like the Charlie and Wonka of the sci-fi world..!!!! Genius.

  5. Chuck, your books have some of the best artwork in the market. Really engaging and interesting . . . and badass. Love the bold color scheme and how it kind of creates a sort of “hot and cold” contrast with The Blue Blazes.

    These covers and the covers in the Miriam Black series create intrigue by giving readers a glimpse at some of the novels’ more prominent images or characters. With Mockingbird, for example, there was the inclusion of the reform school and the killer in the bird mask on the cover. You want to find out what these things are, how they fit into the story.

    With the cover of The Hellsblood Bride (awesome title), I really want to know what the hell that giant tapeworm-looking thing is in the middle of the cover and why half of the guys on the cover don’t have skin. Man, I can’t wait to read this.

  6. Congrats. Looks great. I agree cover artists are amazing. What I gave my cover artist was complete gibberish, like, the ramblings of a drunk person. And what he came up with hit straight on. I just about fell out of my chair when I first saw it. So yeah. Cover artists. I don’t think they’re human.

    • Atlanta Burns is getting a proper rerelease through my Heartland publisher — so, we’ll see one volume called ATLANTA BURNS, which puts together both Shotgun Gravy and Bait Dog. (Both revised somewhat so they fit together as a single novel.)

      Then, next year, a second book — FRACK YOU — will come out from the same publisher!

  7. I cannot wait! I LOVED the Blue Blazes! Hooked me as a Wendig fan! I didn’t know if you were writing a sequel so I was really bummed when it looked like a stand-alone novel. Thanks for making my year!

  8. Whelp, that’s gonna be my goal for tomorrow now. 5,000 words. Oh boy.
    Also, very awesome cover, Mr. Wendig. I’ll just have to pick up the first book now… 🙂

  9. Wow, very nice! The poses of Mookie and Nora remind me a little of Booker and Elizabeth from the Bioshock Infinite poster, but as with all Joey Hi-Fi covers, it’s the little details that make it. Can’t wait to read the book and see what it all means!

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