Flash Fiction Challenge: Random Song Challenge

Last week’s challenge: “Twisted Love

This week’s challenge is simple enough.

Take a random song (use iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, etc. to accomplish this).

That random song’s title is now the title of your short flash fiction.

Now: write that flash fiction. Once again: 1000 words. Any genre will do. Post it at your online space, link back here in the comments. Due by next Friday, February 28th, noon EST.

That’s it. Whaddya waiting for?

131 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: Random Song Challenge”

  1. I hope I have time to participate this week but I thought I needed to share that the random song that came up for me was Sex on Fire….. this could get interesting

  2. […] Across the Bridge Jon Jefferson       February 24, 2014 Across the Bridge2014-02-24T20:42:53+00:00     Fantasy, Misadventures in Strange Places     No Comment I warn you now, this week seems to be the week of bizarro fiction. Sure it started with the demon accountants on Friday. Well it carried over to today. This story started out innocently enough as a random song pick prompt. This isn’t new Chuck Wendig has done this prompt in the past on his Terribleminds blog. […]

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