Flash Fiction Challenge: Twisted Love

Last week’s challenge: Voicemails From The Future!

Quick administrative —

Tami Valdura, you were the random pick for the Cocktail Fiction challenge.

Ping me at terribleminds at gmail, won’t you?

For this week’s challenge:

Hey! It’s Valentine’s Day.

So, you’ve got 1500 words to write about:

Twisted Love.

Any genre will do.

Post at your online space.

Link back here.

Due by Friday the 21st at noon.

124 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: Twisted Love”

  1. Wrote and posted this last night, but forgot to put the link here. (Tough getting good help.) One of those weeks where I had no time and no opportunity to come up with an idea, so hand the reins over to the muse and hope the page isn’t empty when It’s over. It’s a weird result, but i liked it.

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