Flash Fiction Challenge: Twisted Love

Last week’s challenge: Voicemails From The Future!

Quick administrative —

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For this week’s challenge:

Hey! It’s Valentine’s Day.

So, you’ve got 1500 words to write about:

Twisted Love.

Any genre will do.

Post at your online space.

Link back here.

Due by Friday the 21st at noon.

124 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: Twisted Love”

    • Makes that tried-and-trusted female solution of a metric ton of Haagen-Daaz and Lambrusco look pretty damn shallow by comparison, Shane. 🙂 Beautifully written – hope it helped/s to heal your pain too.

  1. I have to say i’m really liking these longer word counts recently…instead of just 1000. I’m going to be going back to the genre I love this time, Steampunk, for this challenge. Will post back shortly! 🙂

    • Dark as dark gets… loved it! Very, very well-written – and dare I say some good research done for putting the meat on those story bones, too? And don’t worry – I’m sure your mum will be proud rather than freaked out. 🙂

      • -Thanks, Wendy! I’ve had a pretty terrible day, so your timing with the kind words was impeccable.

        -As far as my mom goes…she’s a church counselor…still supportive, but often not a fan of the really dark stuff I occasionally write.

        -Went and read yours. Would have been all sorts of awkard if it sucked since you were so complimentary of mine. Luckily, your story kicked a sizable amount of ass. Very simple premise played for masterfully creepy effect.

    • Awww, that’s so sweet! OK, I know that’s probably a weird reaction, lol. But I’m a sucker for a love story, and my heart broke for him, and the choice he had to make. My first bf was clinically psychotic, so I feel for him. 🙂

    • Love it!

      When I started reading I thought to myself “no one has secretaries anymore”, but by the end of the paragraph, I thought “well OF COURSE a guy like that has a secretary, admin assistants are for sedan-driving pussies”, lol.

      If only more lawyers were like your fictional one. 😉

  2. Here’s my entry for this week – not sure if it’s ‘twisted’ enough, but I’ll admit I liked the higher word count for this one. Brevity, I think, is not so much my thing. 😉


    And now I shall go look at some other people’s stories – and feel completely inferior by comparison, probably 😉 I know from past experience, lotta talented people frequenting this site.

      • Why thank you! Much appreciated. This is my second Chuck Wendig Challenge (read ’em for a long time, only recently started having the guts to post any.) I was worried Danny would seem tame compared to some of the characters in other people’s stories… I’m glad he still manages to be creepy in a different way 🙂

        • That “tame” factor you were worried about is part of why the story works so well. There’s nothing supernatural or superhuman about Danny. Instead, we get to take a ride through the mind of an obsessive and borderline psychotic person…the type of person we probably come into contact with multiple times a day and never even realize it. T’was good/unsettling stuff!

  3. My birthday is tomorrow–obviously a time to reflect on all that I haven’t accomplished with my life. I’m not about to make any promises, I just hope to be able to put more into my writing this year, before I die. Whichever.

    This is not a tale of twisted love…quite the contrary. It’s regular love. And not new love, either. This is old, comfortable love. After the romance fades and the spark dies and you still have to be with each other–that love. Because you know it’s love when you still want to.

    Funny story: This story wasn’t a dream, but it is what the dream led to.

    Take My Body Home

    • I really liked this – and I do think it fits Chuck’s criteria, even if the love between the two leads is pure and genuine rather than twisted. Love in twisted circumstances, maybe? Anyway, I think you did a great job.

      And don’t beat yourself up about whatever you ‘haven’t’ done already. The great thing about writing is that you’re NEVER too old to make headway with it (speaking as someone who aint no spring chicken herself…)

      And Happy Birthday, by the way 🙂

  4. My story came in at about 150 words over the 1500 goal, but it doesn’t seem people here judge too harshly for that. Name of the story is “A Change of Chi” and here is the link:


    And because I am still ridiculously unsure if I’m doing this stuff right, here is the long link to the same:


  5. OK, I’m taking seriously the “it’s never to late to start” thing I’ve been hearing about. I’ve always written stuff, but never with the intent of becoming a Writer.

    So here, my first serious attempt, “The Heart Wants What it Wants”! This seems the right place for my depressing shit, lol. My friends are tired of looking at it. 😀 (slightly NSFW)


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