The Kick-Ass Writer’s Group Contest

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The Kick-Ass Writer is now karate-chopping its way around the world in bookstores all over this great multidimensional omniverse.

I have a handful of physical copies of this book and I’d like to give them away.

I want to give a bunch of them away, in fact.

I want to give a bunch of them away all at one time.

And here’s how I’mma do it: I’m going to give them to your local writer’s group. (I don’t have any rigorous definition of “writer’s group” in mind, to be clear.)

I’ll give one book to each of the members of your writing group — up to ten, anyway. (And I’ll send them to one point person in the group, not to all of you individually. Because I’m hella lazy.)

How you get this bunch-a-books is simple:

Send me a group photo of your writing group to terribleminds at gmail dot com.

One photo per group.

The photo can be of you guys doing anything, though obviously your goal is to amuse and impress me as if I am a bloated, sleepy emperor on a throne made of dead writers clapping his clammy palms together and muttering ENTERTAIN ME TINY PENMONKEYS DANCE TO STAVE OFF MY GRAVE ENNUI. *clap clap snore drool*

You get the idea.

I’ll devalue the books with my signature if you so desire.

This contest is only open to those in the United States, because I can’t really afford to send a giant box of books overseas. (Sorry, folks. MURRICA.)

I’ll close this contest on Friday the 13th of December at noon EST. I’ll pick my favorite that day and announce the following week. If we get enough awesome entries, I may consider a second prize — but I’ll wait until the contest’s end to see if it’s warranted.

Good luck. And please spread word about the contest — and the book!

Questions can be dropped in the comments below.

Muy danke.

*jetpacks out*


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