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Now Available: The Kick-Ass Writer

1001 Ways to Write Great Fiction, Get Published, and Earn Your Audience

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The Official Description

The journey to become a successful writer is long, fraught with peril, and filled with difficult questions: How do i write dialogue? How do I build suspense? What should I know about query letters? Where do I start?

The best way to answer these questions is to ditch your uncertainty and transform yourself into a KICK-ASS writer. Wendig will show you how with an explosive broadside of gritty advice that will destroy your fears, clear the path, and help you find your voice, your story, and your audience.

You’ll explore the fundamentals of writing, learn how to obtain publication, and master the skills you need to build an army of dedicated fans. No task is too large or small for the kick-ass writer. With his trademark acerbic wit and gut-punch humor, Wendig will explain:

How to build suspense, craft characters, and defeat writer’s block.

How to write a scene, an ending — even a sentence.

Blogging techniques, social media skills, and crowdfunding.

How to write a query letter, talk to agents, and deal with failure — and success!

Whether you’re just starting out or you need one more push to get you over the top, two things are certain — a kick-ass writer never quits, and Chuck Wendig won’t let you down in this high-octane guide to becoming the writer you were born to be!

Hey, What The Hell Is This?

This is a compilation of a lot of the “25 Things” post from this here website. It contains a lot of stuff you’ve seen before, plus some new entries (crowdfunding! hybrid authors! writing a scene!). And the whole thing has been revised top to bottom — cleaned up and tightened with the EDITORIAL WRENCH. *ratchet ratchet ratchet*

Oh, and it’s my first writing book in print.

So, if you want my advice in hardcopy? That’s how you get it, thanks to Writer’s Digest.

Wait, Is It Still Super-Vulgar?

My writing talk tends to fall into the “hard-R NSFW” and “occasionally eye-bulgingly profane and probably NSFL” categories. This book ain’t quite as hardcore as all that, and is probably equivalent to a soft-R rating or even PG-13 rating. (The biggest edit in this case was, quite honestly, removing the instances of the word ‘fuck.’ Though I love the word, one hopes my writing and storytelling blather still holds up without that particular dash of spicy lingo.)

I am totally good with having a book of writing advice out there that isn’t quite as naughtily-tongued as this blog, because here some teachers and professors may be more comfortable using this material without having to first attack it with a black permanent marker or camping hatchet.

Why Should I Buy It?

Because, hey, it’s a whole bucket of writing tips in one place.

Because it’s the one way you can get my writing bloggerel in physical form. (Also, now that it has been summoned into this corporeal plane it can be killed by a pitchfork forged from nun-kissed steel. IT IS OUR ONLY HOPE WE ONLY HAVE ONE CHANCE.)

Because it’s nicely organized! And has an index!

Because it refrains from every giving you the One True Way to be a writer and instead prefers the metric assload of options crammed in this here toolbox approach.

Because you want to give something back to this blog.

Because it’s this blog distilled down and oozed forth onto bookstore shelves and HOLY CRAP HOW AWESOME IS THAT? *vibrates through the floor*

Because if you don’t I’ll send this chimpanzee to your house.

Thanks, folks! If you check it out, please enjoy.

If not: would you mind spreading the word via your social media channels or the telepathic tentacle-bundle you share with all your other psychic buddies?