Holy Crap, I Wrote A Comic! (And Other News)

*vibrates so hard my hands can cut concrete*


And now it’s available for you to purchase.

It’s called “Shackletoon’s Hooch,” and it’s based on my short, “I Don’t Drink Anymore.” Art by the incredible Gavin Mitchell. Six pages of Amanda Wynne, bad-ass otherworldly archaeologist trying (and failing) to return to the normal life she left behind. It’s in VS. Issue 9, and also features a story by fellow compatriot Adam Christopher.

The page above is a sample page from the comic!

Thanks to Mike Garley and James Moran for having me on board.

My first comics-writing experience.

But hopefully not my last!

Other Beefy-Flavored News Nuggets

New review of the third Miriam Black book, The Cormorant:

“The plot is strong and weird and fits Miriam like a black leather glove with the fingers cut off. It turns and twists and dives–I sat up all night reading this damn book on my cell phone, for Pete’s sake. It’s well put together, nuanced, and in the end, satisfying–with no easy outs.”

“The writing is a scary, wild, obscene crash of sound and yet there are elements and overtones of Shakespeare and  Rimbaud and Dante hidden deep inside. Miriam Black is a solid taut block of arrogance, anger, and screaming rage–except that when you look back at what she’s actually done, you see a very different person. Someone who wants others to be happy, hates the death that washes around her, and never, ever stops fighting.”

It’s really one of my favorite reviews — not just because it says a metric fuckton of really nice things, but it says them in an interesting way and really seems to get the book. Thanks to Terry Irving for the great review.

Tenacious Reader also offers a lovely Cormorant review right over here:

“I highly recommend this one, I think it may have taken seat as my favorite of Chuck Wendig’s books and put the fourth Miriam Black on my must read list (please tell me there will be a fourth!). So, yeah, go read it. Miriam once again kicks ass.”

The Cormorant has a page on Goodreads, now.

It’s also available for pre-order: Amazon / B&N / Indiebound.

What else?

The Kick-Ass Writer is now out, for those looking for my writing chatter in physical form.

The NaNoWriMo writing bundle is still on sale (six books, ten bucks) until end of the month.

I turned in Blightborn, the second Heartland book, and it’s a doozy.

Should be getting edits back for Bait Dog soon enough, and I’ll start on Frack You, the second Atlanta Burns novel, soon after that.

I’ve other news I can’t yet share, but I did get an interesting script in my inbox a week ago…

*mad cackle*