The NaNoWriMo Bundle: For Sale Now, Limited Time

Six books.







All available in one bundle.

Usual cost: ~$18.00.

Available until the end of November as a NaNoWriMo special for: $10.00.

(All of these are PDF except for 500 Ways to Tell a Better Story, which is PDF, Kindle, and ePub, all wrapped up in a delicious zip file. If you want the books through Amazon or B&N, they are available at each, though not in “bundled” format.)

Buy now direct from this site (click the image above or the direct link below), and you’ll get a *.txt file with a download link within it. Note that Payhip is an e-book delivery service that uses Paypal to collect and distribute funds.

(If you have any issues with the download, please email me at terribleminds [at] gmail [dot] com in order to get it resolved. Thanks!)

Direct link to bundle:

35 responses to “The NaNoWriMo Bundle: For Sale Now, Limited Time”

  1. I’ve not used Payhip before, by the way, so please alert me to any issues — if it works, I’m going to sell all my books this way going forward (the author-pubbed ones, anyway). Hand-delivering (er, so to speak) through e-mail after every sale was fine, but Paypal became wonky with sending me notifications — I was often not getting them at all. So hopefully this automation will be the way forward!

    • Figured I’d throw down for the bundle to check out the full scope of your rage-advice. The Payhip experience was fast and smooth. I had the download link seconds after deciding to purchase.

    • OK I have to go make room in my budget for this (aka asking my mom). Yes I am that broke. I assume since you asked about the Payhip in 2013 that it is still working for you. But I am gonna recommend you take a look at anyway. It’s a cool service I discovered last year. They host the file and handle the download, but all the money transactions occur through your PayPal account. You get the purchaser email and there are no transaction fees. They have a flat monthly fee (10$ last I heard). But I got in last year when they were still beta and got a “free for life” deal. Which is good for me since 10$ a month doesn’t make sense until I am selling books. Anyway. I talk too much. But what else is new.

  2. Oh, and those waiting for THE KICK-ASS WRITER — that book, put out by Writer’s Digest, is a compilation of some of these lists, with a handful of new material thrown in, too. And all the lists are edited.

    AND it’s in print, too, which these are not. (So that’s the only way at present to buy a print version of my writing bloggerel.)

    KICK-ASS WRITER will be released presently!

  3. I just sorta quietly read the books and don’t comment much (at all?) but I have a question… Are the PDFs formatted so they’ll all be the shape and type size for, say, a phone, and can’t be increased (or decreased if they’re larger) for a different size device? That usually keeps me from getting PDF-only downloads (no fun to read). If I slip a tenner under your door can I just press my ear to the keyhole and listen for random wisdoms?

      • That would be both helpful and exceedingly spiffy. 250 Things You Should Know About Writing is the one I already have (in kindleform) if you’d like to test with that. Groovy. Thank you.

        I may actually have a chance at surviving NaNoWriMo this year with a little extra guidance/advice/expletives from the book bundle.

    • Did the same! –Initiates supersecretMLhighfive–
      Sadly, as much as I’d like to buy all the books again, I just don’t have the spare cash. Hopefully, us having control of word-generating minions for a month will make up the difference though 😀

  4. Sounds awesome – but how long is the sale running for? My parents won’t let me buy anything around my birthday because I’m apparently impossible to shop for. I’m good in like, a week though.

  5. Welp. I’m afraid the fact that most of them are PDF is a turn-off for me as a Nook user for the bundle… Nooks, unfortunately, handle PDFs extremely poorly. However! While I’ve seen you mention your writing books before, I hadn’t realized they were so cheap. So I’m off to buy the lot of them from B&N (I’d been mulling over this the past couple days but seeing your recent post about your family situation decided me. It might only be $8 more, but I’d rather you and your family get that $8, dammit). Cheers! 🙂

  6. Chuck, I’m going to give this bundle as a prize at the end of our NaNoWriMo kick-off meeting today. How do I do that? I didn’t see a gift option. Thanks! – Robin

    • There’s no real official way to give it as a gift — if you buy it, it’ll send you a link to download the files, and just send this link (or the .txt file in which it lies embedded) to the winner!

  7. Bought! For those wondering about the PDFs, Calibre did a decent enough job of converting them to epub (it doesn’t like the funky chapter heading fonts of 500 More & Revenge though).

    Now to wallow in writerly profanity…

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