Flash Fiction Challenge: Five Random Sentences

Last week’s challenge: “The Titles Have Been Chosen.”

This week is pretty simple.

Using a random sentence generator, I’m concocting five random sentences.

Pick one and use somewhere in your story for this week.

The five sentences are:

  1. The shape fights the motionless ink.
  2. The portrait cat sneakily gestured at everyone.
  3. It walked inside the spaceship and then it sat down.
  4. When does the family document the thunder?
  5. The rough sex arrives by adhesive smoke.

So — you have ~1000 words.

Post online at your space, link back here.

You have one week — due by noon EST on Friday, May 10th.



141 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: Five Random Sentences”

    • I like it – missed the sentance though? and the sentance with “one of the sweetest persons” is hurting my brain, it feels wrong but not sure “one of the sweetest people” is better? interesting take on Necromancy

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