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Flash Fiction Challenge: The Titles Have Been Chosen

Last week’s challenge: “Titular Titles.”

So, I’m going through last week’s almost-300 entries of titles (damn), and I’ve gone ahead and chosen favorites. I picked ten I really, really liked, and then I picked another three on top of those ten (for a total of 13), and these three (titles bolded in the list below) should email me at terribleminds at gmail dot com to WIN SOME KIND OF SOMETHING. It’s a surprise. Shhh.

Your goal is to take one of the following titles below and write a short piece of flash fiction (~1000 words) using the title chosen. Post it at your blog or online space, link back here and the comments. Due by May 3rd, noon EST. No contest this time. Just write to write (and to be read).

The top ten titles are, drum roll please —

  1. Grave Deeds (S.T. Cameron)
  2. Resurrected, by Wife (Oshvat)
  3. The Death and Life of the Human Electrode (Albert Berg)
  4. Those Shoes Are Not Apocalypse Friendly, Francine (Daphne Bee)
  5. Always Have A Exit Strategy (Josh Loomis)
  6. John Wayne and the Mystery at Medicine Hat (Wren Roberts)
  7. Paved Meat: A Roadkill Romance (Bob Bois)
  8. Three Miles Left to Regret (Jason Heitkamper)
  9. The Ballad of Scrawny River Fawcett (Allen Morgan)
  10. You Don’t Bring Me Dead Things Anymore (Chantal Nair)
  11. Life in Snowglobia (Michelle Palmer)
  12. Stand-Off On Memory Lane (Kai Kiriyama)
  13. The Window-Washing Boy (Jenny R)

So, if you’re Jason, Michelle or Jenny, you should email me.

The rest of you ought to get writing.