Flash Fiction Challenge: A Novice Revenges The Rhythm

Last week’s challenge — “The Second Game Of Aspects” — is large and in-charge. Check it.

This week is pretty simple.

I picked a sentence out of this random sentence generator.

That sentence is: “A novice revenges the rhythm.”

It’s a weird fucking sentence, but I love it.

You will write a piece of flash fiction with this as a sentence contained within the story somewhere. First line, last line, in the middle — doesn’t matter where it shows up, but it better damn well be in there somewhere.

You have 1000 words.

You have one week (due by Friday the 28th, noon EST).

Write the story at your online space.

Link back here so we can all read it.

Sling some ink, word-killers.

30 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: A Novice Revenges The Rhythm”

  1. Normally your stuff right away brings to mind an idea, the story starts unfolding before I have a chance to catch up to it. This one hit me like a toddler throwing food; interesting, but made me want to be somewhere else.

    Not sure what I’ll do with it; if I’ll do anything with it. Who knows.

    Maybe I’ll just write about this bearded guy who got a puppy.

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