Flash Fiction Challenge: A Second Game Of Aspects

Last week’s challenge — “A Game Of Aspects” — was so cool and so weird (and is still ongoing until noon) that I thought it was high-time to do another one. Or, at least, a similar one.

Once again, we’ve got three categories.

Slightly different this time:

Again, Subgenre.

Then: Setting!

Then: Element to Include.

We’ll leave theme/motif/conflict off the table for the time being, since some of these settings and included elements will have conflicts implicit.

This time, there’s a different prize.

Interested in attending the Crossroads Writers Conference in Macon, GA? October 5th through the 7th? Where I am, in fact, a speaker? (Who the hell let that happen?)

Well, I’m giving away — courtesy of the conference —


Ahem. You get:

The full day of the Saturday conference with the Keynote Lunch, a swank room at the Marriott City Center, after hours access to Crossroads HQ, a T-shirt, a 2GB pre-loaded USB, a Crossroads travel mug, wristband, a reception on Saturday night and brunch on Sunday, plus they’ll throw in an extra night at the hotel (total of two) and a free pass to the Freelancers Summit on Friday.

Then there will be two runners up who can nab: a Pen & Paper registration package, which includes access to the Saturday conference, a Crossroads T-shirt and Keynote Lunch.

Here’s a link to the registration page and breakdown:


Further questions can be dropped into the comments or emailed to Chris -@- CrossroadsWriters.org.

Now, you can still participate in the challenge without throwing your name into the prize hat — after all, the prize won’t be useful to people who can’t make it to Georgia on those dates, right? Right. So, when posting your entry in the comments, please note whether you’re submitting to be included in the prize draw (which will be a random draw of those participating). If you don’t note your interest, I’ll assume you’re not.

If you know people who might like to take advantage of the potential prize, please send ’em here.

To play, you gotta write a story.

1000 words.

Host at your blog or online space.

Link back here.

Again, you can still participate in the flash fiction challenge without throwing your name into the prize hat, but the reverse is not true — you cannot throw your name into the prize hat without first participating in the flash fiction challenge. Dig? Dig.

You’ve got one week. Due by Friday, September 21st, noon EST.

Now, onto the categories:

Again, the coolest way to play this is to either roll a d10 for each category or to choose a random number between 1-10 using an online random number generator such as the one found at Random.org.

One from each, then write.

The categories:


Paranormal Romance



Ghost Story

Space Opera

Alternative History


BDSM Erotica

Murder Mystery



A Brothel

A Space Station

Bottom of the Ocean

Inside a Massively-Multiplayer Game



The Hollow Earth

The Zoo

In a Vehicle Traveling Down the Highway

Paris, 1944

Element to Include

Weapons of Mass Destruction

A Funeral


A Robot


A Fashion Show

A Dragon

Some Kind of Alien Virus or Parasite



89 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: A Second Game Of Aspects”

  1. All right, all right. Let’s admit it. I’m lousy at keeping to the right length.

    I wrote one story for this prompt and it turned in at over 2,000 words and I want to find a magazine which will take it. So I started again with a different set of aspect choices (deliberately picked, this time).

    And ended up writing nearly 1,900 words which I don’t really feel I can trim, so I’m disqualified (and couldn’t use the prize anyway). But this time I’ll link to it. It’s called “The Quickening” and you’ll quickly pick which aspects 2 + 3 I chose. Aspect 1 is a bit sloppy, maybe “Lovecraftian”?

    Here you go: http://narratorium.com/2012/09/19/the-quickening/

  2. […] my submission for the terribleminds flash fiction challenge early this week. It’s another game of aspects, but with an even odder collection of elements to randomly choose […]

  3. I rolled 3d10 and got Cyberpunk/Inside a Massively-Multiplayer game, and Cloning.

    I give you Doppelganger

    This was fun!

    Considering I live an hour and a half away from the seminar, and didn’t register because of lack of funds, I would love to be added to the drawing!

  4. So, yeah, I got Cyberpunk, 1944 France, and Alien Virus/Parasite. Thank goodness the drawing isn’t based on quality. And, like Elizabeth, I’m fairly close to the conference and wound up not registering because of a lack of funds. So, I’m definitely entering for the drawing. Best of luck to everyone.

    http://wp.me/p2g8dR-1T (WordPress shortlink)

  5. WHEW, I already picked this, thought I posted the comment and then… mmm, nothing.

    Obviously, I didn’t post!


    First up! The two RUNNERS UP:

    Amber Gardner!

    Bronson O’Quinn!

    And, the WINNER:

    Elizabeth Poole!

    Thanks, all!

    Winners should email:

    Chris at CrossroadsWriters.org’

    Looking forward to meeting some of you at Crossroads!

    — c.

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