Flash Fiction Challenge: “Antag/Protag”

Last week’s challenge? Must Love Time Travel.

This week, I talked about what it takes to write an antagonist.

And so it seems like a good time to connect a flash fiction challenge to it.

Here’s what you’re going to do.

You’re going to write a flash fiction story, maximum 1000-words.

You will write half of it from the perspective of a protagonist.

You will write half of it from the perspective of the antagonist.

As always, post your stories online, and drop a link in the comments below so we can read your work.

Share yours, read others.

You’ve got one week. Due by August 3rd, noon EST.

I’ll choose three random participants to receive a copy of my newest writing-related e-book, 500 Ways To Tell A Better Story. Now go forth, word-wranglers. Write your words.

26 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: “Antag/Protag””

  1. I’ve spoken to some friends recently about turning flash fiction prompts into micro RPGs, and this one seems perfect. It’s not quite what you intended, but if I get some interest do you mind if we run in that direction and stick it up on our blog?

    Figured it wouldn’t hurt to check given that it’s your idea and all.

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