Flash Fiction Challenge: “The Opening Line, Part One Of Two”

Last week’s challenge: “Antag/Protag.”

This is a two-part challenge.

First part of the challenge is a part we’ve done here before: opening lines. I want you to write the opening sentence to a story. That’s it. Just the opening sentence. Can be suggestive of any genre. Should be no more than 50 words (and even that’s pretty long — you’re best keeping it roughly at “tweet” length).

A good opening line is punchy. It may have a question implicit — or, at least, is itself a hook that will snare the reader by the neck and drag them into the tale whether he likes it or not.

Write the opening line.

Post it below.

You get one entry.

Your due date is — note this change — Thursday at noon EST (8/9).

Because then by Friday I will have picked my three favorite opening lines.

And each of those three people will get an early e-copy of BAIT DOG, the Atlanta Burns sequel. Three formats available: PDF, ePub, and MOBI. Oh, but we ain’t done yet, my little squidlings.

Then, your next challenge will be to write a story using one of those three opening lines as, well, the opening line to a piece of 1000-word flash fiction. More details next week.


Let’s read some opening lines, then.