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Flash Fiction Challenge: Fairy Tale Upgrade

Last Week’s challenge: “Tell A Story In Three Sentences

Today’s challenge shall be a curious one.

Take a fairy tale — any fairy tale at all you want, or a fable, or a Mother Goose story — and rewrite it in a modern context.

Now, “modern” is a little open to interpretation — if you took Little Red Riding Hood and set it in the 1920s, sure. Or The Ant And The Grasshopper and set it on a space station 100 years in the future, that’s fine, too.

Point is: avoid any sense of medieval-ness. Get out of the past. Into this (or the last) century and beyond.

As always: 1000 words.

Post on your blog, link back here.

Due by next Friday — FRIDAY THE 13TH MOO HOO HA HA. By noon EST.

Spin us a tale, won’t you?