Flash Fiction Challenge: Fairy Tale Upgrade

Last Week’s challenge: “Tell A Story In Three Sentences

Today’s challenge shall be a curious one.

Take a fairy tale — any fairy tale at all you want, or a fable, or a Mother Goose story — and rewrite it in a modern context.

Now, “modern” is a little open to interpretation — if you took Little Red Riding Hood and set it in the 1920s, sure. Or The Ant And The Grasshopper and set it on a space station 100 years in the future, that’s fine, too.

Point is: avoid any sense of medieval-ness. Get out of the past. Into this (or the last) century and beyond.

As always: 1000 words.

Post on your blog, link back here.

Due by next Friday — FRIDAY THE 13TH MOO HOO HA HA. By noon EST.

Spin us a tale, won’t you?

66 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: Fairy Tale Upgrade”

  1. Another question! I’ve done several of these but never posted them online. However, I get the feeling that a story I wrote before and post now would be a cheat. Should the story be original to this post?

  2. Humpty Dumpty sat on a high-voltage electric fence
    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
    All America’s doctors and all America’s plastic surgeons
    Shocked him back to life with a defibrillator, then restructured Humpty’s face so it looked even better than it did before the accident.

  3. I was going to do The Little Mermaid, but came across The Singing Bone . Huzzah! Hopefully, I’ll have a chance tonight. Will have to run it by the five day old progeny…

  4. […] two short novels for early teens. His books are for sale in our Bookstore. This one, again, is Chuck Wendig’s fault. Bless him. Damn him. Or something. Take a fairy tale, he says, and update it. Not sure if […]

  5. As usual, these prompts sometimes take a bit of an odd turn when they go into my brain. Don’t think it’s really a fairy tale any more. But at least this one meets the word limit at just over 600 words.

    You’ll know which fairy tale it’s based on when you read it. It’s called “The Thorns”, though if I think about it long enough I might come up with a better title.

    Here it is: http://narratorium.com/2012/07/09/the-thorns/

  6. After considering and discarding modern versions of everything from The Three Billy Goats Gruff to The Steadfast Tin Soildier, I finally decided on something a bit different.



  7. […] em> I loved the idea of this Flash Fiction Challenge. We were to take a fairy tale and rewrite it in modern context. Or, at least, not in medieval context. I can do that. I don’t even need a reason. To see more of these stories, snort some faerie dust and fly on over here: Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge: Fairy Tale Upgrade […]

  8. Chuck, this is one my most favoritest ideas for a challenge I’ve seen! Thanks.

    I’ve been reading about the Cold War lately, and I love bacon. This seems so obvious, I hope no one else wrote this…
    Hungry Like the Wolf
    I can’t wait to read the other stories.

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