The Wendigo Eats Your Heart And Replaces It With Updates

It’s that time, again, in which we play: WHERE’S WENDIG?

Turns out, I’m all over the map these days. This week, for example, I leave for Los Angeles on Friday for a mix of transmedia talks, meetings, and Blackbirds stuff. What stuff, you ask?

Well, on Sunday, April 22nd, I’ll be at the LA Festival of Books. I’ll pop by the Mysterious Galaxy booth (#372!) to sign Blackbirds at 1pm. That’s also my birthday, so I expect you to show up with love in your heart. And cupcakes. And possibly some kind of exotic monkey. Or at least dressed up as an exotic monkey. Other awesome authors will be signing at the booth, including Stephen Blackmoore and S.G. Browne.

Then, on Tuesday, April 24th, when the book releases, I’ll be having a launch party signing event at the Mysterious Galaxy bookstore (Redondo Beach!) at 7:30pm. There will be a Fortean rain of dead blackbirds to celebrate. Though, that’s only if I can manage to cast my septic contrails across the skies over the city.

If you’re in LA, then, please do come track me down and say “hello.” I won’t bite. Well. Okay. I bite, but I don’t have any diseases. Well. Okay, fine, you should probably bring some antibiotics. Just in case.

And if you care to vote, Blackbirds is up in a “debut author cover challenge” at the Qwillery!

What else? Ah! Yes. I’ve got another bundle of strong Blackbirds reviews in…

“Chuck Wendig has managed to take the best of urban fantasy and crime noir, twist ‘em together like barbed wire, and drag you right over the barbs. Blackbirds is gritty and violent, yet never loses sight of the light that might be at the end of the tunnel. It’s there, I promise. You may have to squint a little, but Miriam’s humanity always shines through, even when things look pretty grim. Chuck Wendig hasn’t disappointed me yet, and I suspect he’s got quite a lot more in his arsenal. Don’t miss this one!” — My Bookish Ways (5/5).

“Chuck Wendig is one of those rare authors with such masterful use of language, and such a good ear for dialogue, that he engages the reader from the first page and never lets go.” — British Fantasy Society review.

“It’s a cliché in reviewing to say that you couldn’t put a book down, that you ended up reading all night because you couldn’t bear to leave the story. In reality there haven’t been that many books written – ever – that have that indefinable quality that demands your full attention. Blackbirds is one of the few I’ve come across in recent years… straight into my top 10 for 2012.” — Sci-Fi Bulletin review.

“Dark. Disturbing. Unfiltered. Coarse. These and everything everything associated with the above adjectives are not enough to describe this book. The emotional attachment runs deep and the totality of the story is bigger than 354 PDF pages, an hour and a half afternoon walk wasn’t enough for me to digest everything.” — Talk Supe review, (5/5) (and fairly spoilery, so be warned).

New interview with me at Bryon Quartermous’ site. I discuss poop, hobos, and being a “genre spaz.”

New interview with me at On Fiction Writing, where I talk about jealousy, bestsellers, and the worst book I’ve ever read. Oh, and something about Cthulhu? I shouldn’t be allowed to talk in public.

The Dinocalypse Now Kickstarter is up over 1100 backers (!) and $33,000 (!!) and has books dropping from me (a three-book series), Stephen Blackmoore, Harry Connolly, C.E. Murphy, and Brian Clevinger, and for a $10 pledge you get them all. You won’t find a deal like that many other places, and time is ticking down.

If you want a new Atlanta Burns short story, look no further than Fireside Magazine, now available. Brian White treated his authors like royalty, paying them well-above the professional rate. The magazine purports to have no genre boundaries and has crazy awesome art from Amy Houser (who did lots of my e-book covers). It has stories from Tobias Buckell, Ken Liu, Christie Yant, Adam Knave, D.J. Kirkbride. You will  check it out. Because you can smell delicious content and hunger for it.

And I think that’s all she wrote.

Hope to see some of you in LA.



  • At first I was immensely confused by this. You where promoting a book that has reviews (and darn good ones), but wasn’t released. Then I realized that the e-book existed but not the print. Wow, I really failed figuring that out.

    I noticed Blackbirds is published by a traditional publisher, but you have tons of books (yet your bare minimum seems to be an average of 3/5 stars). How many of your books are self-published?

    • @M. —

      Well, Blackbirds isn’t available as e-book, either, until the 24th — but lots of reviewers and such have gotten hold of early eARCs.

      Blackbirds is traditional. As is its sequel, Mockingbird.

      Double Dead is also traditional.

      Dinocalypse Now, also.

      Everything else is self-pub.

      — c.

  • About freakin’ time Blackbirds is being released. Now i can get it at Don’t disappoint me. (please)

    As for the LA Bookfest, when i gave it a lookover in the LA times which i get every Sunday for $10/yr delivered to my front porch, i only spied Ransom Riggs there out of the thousand or so people that are scheduled to present their stuff. Glad to see you’ll be there. (Sorry, i won’t be there. It’s just too many people and the computer graphics conventions in LA have worn me down. I can do LA only so many times.)

    But, on another subject, $10 for all three of the dinocalypse? I’m there.

    I sent links to your kickstart to some author friends of mine just to make them jealous. Maybe i should post it on Diana Gabaldon’s (Outland) favorite forum (at Compuserve) in the BIz section just to see the responses.

    And lastly, when do we get to see your reponses to our ridiculous interview questions? My favorites were about the fallout shelter and the car keys. Gotta love your blog readers for that. Funny stuff. My wife even laughed when i told her about some of the questions.

    One more thing, its fun to peruse the website of some of your responders when i feel like squandering time. Interesting people out there. (Wacked but interesting.)

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