Get Your Pointy Teeth And Practice Your Zombie Shuffle: It’s Double Dead Day!

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It’s the 15th of November.

Which means that Coburn the vampire is here.

Poor, poor Coburn. Once the king of his castle — his castle being New York City — he awakens from slumber to discover that his city and his world have been gobbled up by a zombie apocalypse.

Most of the humans are dead.

Which means his food source is spoiled. Vampire can’t live on dead blood, after all.

And so the vampire must move from predator to protector, a shepherd who must find a food source and stand vigil over the herd. It’s not an easy transition, of course. The monster is still a monster, after all.

(This ain’t Twilight, folks. Only way Coburn glitters is if he kills and eats a stripper.)

Along the way, what will he discover about the world? About the girl he protects? And about himself?

Gotta read it to find out.

A vampire in zombieland.


A teenage girl with a healing gift!

Zombie evolution!

Wal-Mart cannibals!

An army of Route 66 Juggalos!

A little white terrier named “Creampuff!”

And, of course, one cranky-ass cocky fuck of a vampire: Coburn.

Please to enjoy, folks.

17 responses to “Get Your Pointy Teeth And Practice Your Zombie Shuffle: It’s Double Dead Day!”

  1. Goddamn it, Chuck, I’m trying to work here! Could you please stop turning out awesome stuff all the time?

    I didn’t mean that. I just lash out because I get so scared. Looking forward to reading this after I finish Irregular Creatures.

  2. Just waiting on the mailman … and then the fist fight with my husband to determine who gets to read it first. What? We’re wearing gloves and mouthpieces and there’s a booky and everything. Totally legit.

  3. On the one hand, I have woefully little time to write right now, let a lone read. On the other, I’ve been waiting for this thing for months. Time can be made, sleep is not as vital as it sounds. Thanks for the heads up, I’d almost forgotten this came out today.

  4. This book was absolutely amazing. I adored it. Please, please consider writing more books about Coburn. The combination of vampires & zombies is so badass it’s almost impossible to comprehend.

  5. AHHH loved this book!!! Started it around 9 pm last night and didn’t put it down till I was finished at 2 am. such a wonderful awesome read!!!

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