Category: The Ramble

  • Blackbirds: Ten Years Later

    So, it was about ten years ago I was in Los Angeles on the day of release for my first original novel, Blackbirds. (For the sake of the pedant, this was 4/24/12.) I was there for a twofold purpose: first, to launch the book that night at Mysterious Galaxy’s Redondo Beach store — a branch […]

  • Munchings & Crunchings: Dust & Grim, Black Cauldron, And Other Grunted News Utterances

    HELLO FRANDOS. Want some naturally Wendig-scented updates? Organic? Free-range? Bespoke and artisanal? Here goes. For My Birthday I Demand Proper Paeans In The Form Of Preorders So we’re clear, I don’t actually demand anything from you for my birthday (*stares uncomfortably*), but were you so inclined, I might suggest that for my birthday, you treat […]

  • The Pixel Project: Five Reasons to Give to the Read For Pixels Campaign to Stop Violence Against Women

    *Accepts the mic from Chuck.* Thank you, Chuck! *clears throat awkwardly* Hey, everybody! Can y’all hear me? Yes? Okay — here we go: The Pixel Project, a 501(c)3 anti-violence against women nonprofit, has been running our Read For Pixels program since September 2014 when Chuck himself, Joe Hill, Sarah J. Maas, and nine other award-winning […]

  • All The News That’s Fit To Digitally Barf Up Onto A Blog

    HELLO, FRANDOS. Once again I return from the digital void to grant you a scattered, smothered, covered, chunked pile of steaming news food. It’s like a newsletter, if you subscribe, and if you don’t, then it’s just a regular old blog post. Magic. Off Roadin’ So, if you missed it, and I don’t know how […]

  • Now Out: The Book of Accidents in Paperback

    The time has come! The paperback of The Book of Accidents has taken flight and landed on your doorstep like a wooden owl come to life. May contain: a missing serial killer, a haunted coal mine, an interstitial amusement park, an eerie felsenmeer, a soot-caked spellbook, generational trauma, art as magic, empathy as a weapon […]

  • Bits, Bobs, Globs and Blobs: A Post About Many Things

    Hey! It’s one of those posts where I unceremoniously shower you in various, unconnected updates, which rain down upon you like glitter and blood. I mean, just glitter. Did I say blood? Ha ha. Hah. Aahhh. Ahem. Der Eldenringen I continue to play this game that doesn’t know I’m alive. It’s like the world in […]