Category: The Ramble

  • The Bird Site Is Fucked

    It is, I think, the sensation of a phantom limb: it itches, the limb that doesn’t exist anymore, and so I want to scratch it even though nothing will ever satisfy or resolve that sensation. It’s like how I sometimes want to call one of my parents even though moments later I am reminded, “That’s […]

  • The Non-Comprehensive Non-Exhaustive List Of Cool Stuff I Liked In The Year 2022

    If you are at all like me, time means nothing anymore. The pandemic has broken any and all sense of temporal flow I once had. My wife likens it to defragging a hard drive — the pandemic was such an erratic time that our brains defragged, moving all the relevant chunks together and largely ignoring […]

  • Melissa Olson Delivers The Terribleminds Gift Guide For 2022

    So, as noted in an earlier post, I just didn’t have time to put together a gift guide for 2022, but then friend and author and possible hallucination Melissa F. Olson was like HELL NO YOU AREN’T GETTING AWAY THAT EASY, WENDIG, and I was like, whoa, aggressive, Melissa, also how did you get in […]

  • Why I’m Done Using And Boosting AI Art

    Let’s just put it out there and up front — earlier, I was glad to play around with AI art, but that has ended. I have no intention at present of mucking around with AI art, signal-boosting it, or supporting it. I had a subscription to Midjourney, and I canceled it. Now, to rewind a […]

  • What To Know About Wayward (Dogs, Dolly Parton, Divining the Future, And More)

    I get emails. Realistically, I’ve been getting a certain kind of email since around, ohh, March of 2020, which often wants to dance around the question — or ask it directly — of whether or not I *booming voice* PREDICTED THE FUTURE. After all, in Wanderers, out in 2019, I wrote about a global pandemic […]

  • What’s Up In Wacky Wild Wendigworld

    WACKY WILD WENDIGWORLD: A new amusement park! Corkscrew through an apple on the WINDING WORM! Soar through the sky on the BIRDWATCHER EXPRESS! Test your stamina and lose your soul and RIDE THE BEARD. I dunno. Shut up. Let’s see. What’s going on? This Sunday! December 4th! 3pm! I’m at Nowhere Coffee in Allentown, PA, […]