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  • Michael Harris Cohen: Five Things I Learned Writing Effects Vary

    Effects Vary features 22 stories of dark fiction and literary horror that explore the shadow side of love, loss, and family. From an aging TV star’s murderous plan to rekindle her glory days, to a father who returns from war forever changed, from human lab rats who die again and again, to a farmer who obeys […]

  • What To Do About Twitter?

    The troll has taken over the bridge, which is to say, Elon Musk now owns Twitter. Is this bad? Probably. Is this good? I don’t know, maybe there will be a good side to it, though it’s hard at this point to see what, precisely, that would be. Some of it depends on your feelings […]

  • A Shimmery Sprinkling Of News Glitter Raining Upon Your Tender Head

    HELLO GOOD FRIENDS, IT IS I, CHNURK MANDOG WITH A NEWS UPDATE FROM THE WORLD OF CHNURK MANDOG. Ahem. So some quick updates, right here– First up, this is the last week for the Dust & Grim October monthly pick promo at Barnes & Noble. Go online or head to a store and nab a […]

  • Where’s Wendig? Wayward Wanderings, A Wendig-in-the-Wild Book Tour!

    Hey! You asked if I was going out into the world on book tour for Wayward? Why yes, I am, to these places right here: For those who can’t see the graphic: 11/12, 3pm: Doylestown Bookshop, Doylestown, PA 11/15, 7pm: Eagle Eye Bookshop, Atlanta, GA, with Delilah S. Dawson 11/16, 6pm: Malaprops, Asheville, NC 11/17, […]

  • Elijah Kinch Spector: Five Things I Learned Writing Kalyna the Soothsayer

    Kalyna’s family has the Gift: the ability to see the future. For generations, they traveled the four kingdoms of the Tetrarchia selling their services as soothsayers. Every child of their family is born with this Gift—everyone except Kalyna. So far, Kalyna has used informants and trickery to falsify prophecies for coin, scrounging together a living […]

  • Why I Don’t Talk (As Much) About Writing Anymore

    So, I got a nice comment at this very blog a week or so ago, from visitor Delon O’Donnell, and I was going to answer with a comment but thought, y’know, this could be worth a post all its precious own. Delon’s comment: A potentially annoying aside: I really miss your blog posts on writing. […]