Apple-Obsessed Author Fella

Want My Books For The Holidays? Here’s How.

AS THE PROPHECY FORETOLD, the holidays again gather at the margins, waiting to pounce and pin us to the ground under the weight of a cooked turkey, a tower of presents teetering above us, ready to fall. And so comes the time when you may want a TOME OF WENDIG (not a D&D artifact, though it should be) for yourself or someone in your life, and here is how you do that.

I can sign and personalize any of my books through Doylestown Bookshop, and they will ship these books right to you. Maybe via some sort of catapult device. Probably through like, the UPS, tho, but I really don’t know for sure, so let’s quietly hope that catapult is an option. You order the books and then you tell them you want the books signed and/or personalized and/or how you want them personalized, and I will do this thing.


If if if you order a copy of Black River Orchard

I will do two additional things.

a) I will include a sticker for you in the book (first come first serve, though I do have quite a few) of an evil apple, likely by the delightful Natalie Metzger (her designs above at the fore of the post), though I also have some I bought from Etsy, which are cool, too.

b) I will name a brand new evil apple in the book, written in pen, invented from my own foolish mind and out of the sinister ether. This evil apple is just for you. No one else will have this evil apple. It is your evil apple alone.

You can order the book from Doylestown Bookshop right here.

But, you can request signed/personalized copies of really any of my in-print books there, too. Like Book of Accidents, Wanderers, Wayward, Gentle Writing Advice, Dust & Grim, and more. (Oh, also, if you buy any of the Miriam Black books, I will sign them and predict your demise. For fun!)


Buy books. Let me scar them with my inky leavings! Bye!