Wayward Giveaway Over At Goodreads?

Hey, real quick, if you’re the kind of person for whom COOL BOOK GIVEAWAY tickles your various brain parts —

Over at Goodreads, there’s a giveaway for ten copies of the Wanderers sequel, Wayward (out 11/15). It runs for another ten days!

(I assume it’s an ARC? But also, maybe not? I honestly don’t know! Maybe it’s actually just a box full of angry serpents. Enter to find out!)

Click here to enter.

You are also, of course, free to just pre-order the book, like an awesome human, because awesome humans pre-order books. Why pre-order, you might ask? Well, not only does it help author and bookstore, but in this day and age when supply chain issues and paper shortages still rear their nasty heads, this helps insulate against those problems. You can of course pre-order through your own local bookstore, or through my local bookstore, Doylestown Bookshop, as you can ask them to send you a signed and personalized copy where I, having been taken over by a questionable artificial intelligence, will lessen the value of your book with my deranged scribblings. Or just a signature. Whatever you like. You can also pre-order through Bookshop or Indiebound.

Hopefully people like the book? I’ve heard some bubblings from a few booksellers that really seemed to enjoy it, and we’ve actually gotten a blurb for it (which honestly we didn’t solicit for since most of the time a sequel is going to use quotes praising the first book), so more on that when I can share.


4 responses to “Wayward Giveaway Over At Goodreads?”

  1. I tried to enter and it’s open to US residents only. On the bright side, I did preorder from a local, independant, Canadian retailer. I loved the first book and thought about it many weeks after. Looking forward to what happens next.

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