Things Are Fucked, And Our Leaders Lack The Will To Unfuck Them

Let’s just get this out of the way now: this is not going to be a helpful post, it’s not going to be a hopeful post, and it’s not going to be a post with solutions. It will instead be an angry, incredulous thing. It exists here not because I want to bridge the chasm or fix what’s broken — though I do, obviously — but rather, it exists here as an artifact of rage and frustration.

I understand now in a true way the line from Yeats’ “Second Coming” —

The best lack all conviction, while the worst

are full of passionate intensity.

The fall of Roe this past Friday, butchering the rights of women and all who can get pregnant, is the first domino to fall in a line of horrors — LGBT marriage, LGBT existence, access to contraception, and despite what so-called “Justice” Thomas might think, interracial marriage, too. It is an unprecedented assault on bodily autonomy and sexual freedom. And the thing is, it’s only the first domino to fall in this particular line of dominoes. Other dominoes are cascading in competing directions, the clackity-clack of tiles falling in terminus lines that undercut the separation of church and state, that dismantle any attempts to keep guns out of the hands of people who want to massacre children, that attack at the very core the notion that we are a nation who can protect its people and regulate its industries and secure for them the freedom to live in a nation that actually gives at least a portion of a shit about them. You wanna fix climate change? Ha ha, fuck you, no way. SCOTUS seems hellbent to dismantle the entire regulatory state, except of course when it comes to regulating uteruses or marriages. Corporations get to be people, but people get to be cattle, and a conservative party purportedly about personal freedom and states’ rights reveals itself to care nothing about either of those things.

I don’t think people have fully reckoned with the notion that this is not merely an attack on democracy — it is the culmination of that attack, an attack that has been ongoing for decades. It is not the beginning of such awfulness — it is a late stage of it, likely to be the entry point into a new phase of atrocities. This is the walking ghost phase of our democracy: we have sustained a likely lethal dose of radiation, but we just haven’t figured it out yet. We are walking around, oblivious, unaware that a grave cancer inside has already killed us.

Consider: if we live in a country where we vote for leaders and those leaders help to pass laws and help codify and entrenched settled norms, and yet those laws and norms can be dismantled by an entrenched body of nine evil wizards, a majority of whom were installed by presidents who did not receive the popular vote (three such judges having been installed by one president who is a likely-illegitimate, twice-impeached coup-doer traitor!)… then what kind of democracy do you think we actually have? Do you think it’s a functional one? A healthy one? Do you even think it exists in a way that goes beyond lip service?

And all that’s after you already consider how absolutely fraught and frail our democracy has been for years. Gore vs. Bush? Gerrymandering? The sustained winnowing of the Voter Rights Act of 1965? Black and other marginalized voters stripped from the voter rolls, ballot boxes removed, polling stations stolen away? Democracy was already in pretty fucked-up shape before we got to this point, and arguably, is exactly how we got to this point.

So you might wonder: why the fuck am I angry at the Democrats about this?

Republicans are the great evil here, you’ll say. And I don’t disagree. There are no “good” Republicans. You can’t belong to a party who is tacitly for a panoply of horrors like forced birth and condemnation of LGBT individuals and so forth while still maintaining that you’re one of the good ones — because if you don’t believe in those things, you’re in the wrong fucking party. They’re the enemy. They’re the ones holding the knife stuck in our gut, smiling as we bleed.

The Democrats, ohh, yeah, they’re the ones watching.

They’re standing back, watching the knife go in and out, watching the blade saw back and forth, and oh sure, they make a lot of noises — gasps, whimpers, murmurs of dissent — and sometimes they reach out, arms fruitlessly pawing at the air. But they don’t step forward. They don’t throw a punch. They don’t get in the way. Instead, they tell us, if we want the knife to stop before it reaches our spine, gosh, we better show up in November. We better answer those fundraising emails and texts. “Did you get my email?” they ask as we wail and gush, as blood spatters on the floor and forms a pond around our shoes. “Did you hear the poem I read on TV? Did you see us sing God Bless America in front of the court? We can’t do it without you, see you in November.” And the knife works deeper as the Republican leers, all shining teeth, all wide and wild eyes.

The best lack all conviction.

The worst, full of passionate intensity.

Here, someone will say, well, what are they supposed to do? Manchin and Sinema! Filibuster! They only have so much power! But these are excuses. I’m not asking them to win every fight, but I am asking them to fight those fights. After all, they told us to vote, and we came out, and we did vote. We gave them the presidency and we gave them Congress, and yes, I recognize the nuance, the reality, that politics is hard, that it’s a fucking shitshow, that their majority is something of a hollow one, that getting anything done in this environment will require them to move mountains. But they don’t even seem to want to try to move those mountains, to engage with the act of saving our country no matter how difficult it may be. Nobody’s even picking up a shovel. They’re barely moving for a spoon to move a little earth. We tell them, expand the courts, kill the filibuster, put the legislation forward, make them vote, call them to task. But we get a lot of shrugging and feet scraping on the concrete and gee-shucks-but-Manchin, aw-gosh-but-Sinema, we would if we could —

Then they get on TV and they try to make nice with Manchin, or Biden says something about how honorable McConnell is, or Pelosi talks about how Republicans are good actually and we just need more of those good ones, and then it’s another fundraising email, another plea for November. But there’s no fight. The messaging is soft, calculated, strategic in a way you have to say with a sour face and vigorously rolled eyes. There’s no strategy. Nobody is throwing Manchin under the tires, but they fucking should. Nobody is calling McConnell a turtle-necked traitor to democracy, even though damn well he is. The climate is failing, bodily autonomy is gone, freedoms are peeling away like yellow leaves off a sick summer tree, but none of them seem particularly mad about it. Where’s the urgency? Where’s the fight? Get out your fucking knives. Spar! Stab back! This is literally existential. Our democracy is dying on the branch. Our environment is under such threat that our very ability to live in it is becoming uncertain. What the fuck will it take to get you to get as mad as we are? To be at the head of our rage instead of way behind it?

And here someone say, well, if we had just voted for Hillary Clinton, we wouldn’t be here, and you know what, maybe not. Hillary won the popular vote, after all — so, by all appearances, we kinda did vote for her. Already our slanted, fucked-up, sliding-to-the-right democracy (sorry, “democracy”) turned out for her in numbers, but the corrupt system upheld its own corruption, and the machine kept on churning anyway. And, yes, had she taken the White House, I suspect we’d be in a better situation — but let’s also remember we’ve given them the run of the table before, and was Roe ever codified? No. Did they sit back idly as McConnell straight-up stole a SCOTUS seat from them? Yes.

Did they fight?


Not so much.

So, you want our vote? You want our money? You want our faith? Then you need to show up. You need to scrap and get mad. It’s not necessarily about winning the fight, but it is about fighting it. Show your fucking teeth. Spill some metaphorical blood, because real blood is being spilled in the meantime, gushing from bullet-wounds and broken pregnancies, soaking the white of the flag and then the blue until all we have is red.

But Chuck, someone will say, the perfect is the enemy of the good, and you’re playing right into Republican hands, and hey, maybe you’re right, but I think it’s fair to express this rage, and honestly, if you believe a blog post like this one is contributing to the downfall of society and not, say, malevolent Republicans and craven Democrats, then I don’t know what to tell you.

It isn’t unpatriotic to demand these people put in the work for the nation they were literally elected to protect. It’s their job. It’s literally why we invested our time and money and effort into their election. They’re not our bosses. We’re not their fans. Nobody here is saying don’t show up, don’t vote — but we are saying to our supposed leaders that they need to show up, too. We already did our part, now they need to do theirs. We showed up for them, now they need to show up for us — and that’s how they get us to the ballot box in November. They show up, they work and they fight at any cost, with all the effort they can muster. The loss of Roe is not their harvest of votes to reap without the effort that goes into preserving it. It’s not a freebie. It can’t be the culmination of some grand political calculus. It matters. It’s hurting people right now. They need to act like it.

This is a knife fight, Democrats.

So sharpen your fucking knives and point them toward the enemy.

And stop throwing your progressive members under the bus — they’re the only ones who even seem to give a shit right now.

As for the rest of us, well, we need to hold their feet to the fire, but we should also prepare to learn they don’t care. In the meantime, uphold each other, work for your community, love one another when that love is deserved and returned, because it’s not going to get better right away.

Things fall apart.

The center cannot hold.

We know what rough beast slouches toward us. It has already been born.

Please donate to the national network of abortion funds.

42 responses to “Things Are Fucked, And Our Leaders Lack The Will To Unfuck Them”

  1. I got nuthin, Your country is fucked, probably for a long time. The good news is there’s plenty of room up here in the Great White North. We’re not perfect, but by comparison we’re a fucking utopia of sensibility and freedom (until 2025 at least) and we unreservedly love most of you.

    • Andrew, I wish y’all would have me! I own 2.98 acres on Cape Breton, but I’m old and have been told I’m not eligible for permanent Canada residency. And owning just land means I have to actually build a house or something. I’d be happy to sell the Nova Scotia property and buy a jellybean townhouse in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Surely that’s a difficult enough climate that another taxpaying resident could be welcome.

      Well, a “difficult climate” until it gets as warm there as it is here on the Gulf Coast.

      (Happy early Canada Day!)

    • Is it? Because the province I live in just voted for a conservative buffoon who wants to build highways through our greenbelt and refuses to legislate paid sick days in a pandemic. Our cities are completely unaffordable. Indigenous communities STILL don’t have clean drinking water. And our “democracy” is sliding farther and farther towards the right the way your foot slips underneath you when you step in a slimy pile of dog shit. I don’t want to sit comfortably and think, hey at least we’re better off than the Americans! Instead I’m mad as fuck on the American’s behalf and I’m scared as hell for our own country too. I’m sorry. I know I sound like an asshole but my nerves are RAW right now.

    • Though History man kind has exploited each other. We have loved all who have umbrased us and rejected those things that have not. Different age as going to see the history of man according to what tim. e frame your are in. So this is my wisdom to you. I am 58 years old and the only truth that I can honestly say is the Bible is right, For those who don’t believe I just ask you to reach out , ,some of you will not hear. or accept what you know is true but you have been hurt in some way where the evil keeps you from believing, that’s ok because your heart is in doubt. . Man the feeling you get from letting go you will see the truth. , It’s not about hate, because though history it was planted in your heart,though God it can be corrected, sorry if I made some of you mad or just plain bitter, save yourself , love you all

  2. I’m in a terrible mood today and have been since Roe fell. Reading your post today reminded me I’m not alone. My anger and disappointment and sheer tiredness is felt by you and no doubt others. I don’t hold out much hope for the future. It’s not looking good. I wish there was another planet I could move to, but that ain’t happening. I keep getting up every day, and hope continues to flicker, though often it looks like it’s going out. We need… something. Something bright and shining and wonderful to deliver us from evil. I wonder if we can make it happen.

  3. And so it is as if you crawled through my mind as well and articulated my wearying rage at this ugly avoidable craven farce. Also: “The Book of Accidents” or “Wanderers” first? Cheers. Long may you pen.

  4. Thanks, Chuck. I try to keep hope alive, as per your final sentences, but it’s tough to maintain that attitude. The political stuff is bad enough, but it’s the exponentially-increasing feedback loop of climate chaos that’s going to be the final blow. And that takes out other species which is, to me, sort of worse than human extermination. Sometimes I think we might deserve our fate.

  5. God damn it, you magnificent bastard. I love you.

    This is a lot of what I’ve struggled to say these last few days, but haven’t been able to find the right words to show that the issue is the psychology behind this war. For decades divisions of “us” and “them” have been used to force us against each other, instead of having a unified “we” – and the narrative simplicity of their messages meant to appeal to bite-size minds and attention spans by allowing for personal interpretation (Trump was the obvious example of this) by taking complex issues and giving them illusory simplicity.

    Red vs Blue. Black vs White. American Values vs Sexual Deviants. A country founded by immigrants vs Immigrants destabilizing the country. Infanticide versus Choice. Vines. TikToks. Memes. They all foster this illusory simplicity and keep people blind to the larger game being played with human rights using political, religious, and emotional manipulation to push a narrative.

    But we’re in Check right now, and I’m afraid it’s too late and the different groups too strategically divided to be able to put any immediate action in place to stop that last, fatal move being made.

    If nothing else, you’ve made today better for me, because other people are seeing it, and sharing it. And that’s all we can do. Educate, Empathize, and foster genuine understanding.

  6. At age 69, I was in college when RvW “happened.” it was also around that time when single women were “allowed” to purchase birth control, without “performative illness” protestations to their doctor. (excuses for needing them, cramps, heavy bleeding, etc.) Didn’t help too much, I still was subjected to questioning by the doctor about my reasons for wanting birth control. I lied, and said I was engaged.

    I am incandescent with rage, because I saw this coming a long time ago. It’s not enough to elect a black man, if no one can then push back because heavens forbid we get anyone more “upset”. It’s not enough to stay “civilized” and “courteous”, and as my parents said GDHL. (Not getting down to his/her level)

    I want an orator, a statesman/woman, An agitator, someone who can speak to our anger and heartbreak. And all we have are politicians, grubbing around for money and sucking up to Manchin, and Sienema, and my own states’ Susie Collins.

  7. Thank you for saying more eloquently everything I’ve been raging about for years. My Democratic voting family think I’m nuts. “You sound like a leftist loon!” my sister told me recently. Another sister, who told me I was a conspiracy theorist five years ago when I told her Trump was a Russian asset, said “they” won’t let it get that far. (Wake up! We passed “that far” years ago.) My mother thinks we have to just “trust Biden and hope for the best.”

    I can’t anymore with any of this or all the people on social media screaming about all the reasons why we can’t do anything. The learned helplessness planted after Gore’s stolen presidency and cultivated during the Obama administration is now bearing fruit. I hate the feckless Vichy Democrats, with the exception of a handful, like Warren and AOC, more than I hate the Republicans. A betrayal from your own side always feels worse than anything the enemy can do to you.

    My only conclusion is that the Democratic so-called leaders are in on it, purposely carrying on with a game of nice 19th century croquet while the GOP play Squid Game. They would rather enable fascism than do anything remotely close to socialism for the people they represent.

    “Oh, they’re just too old and inept,” you say? Then why are they perfectly capable of being absolutely vicious to the left side of their own party but can’t fight the people who would literally kill them across the aisle?

    “But we don’t have the numbers!” you crow, as if I, who have been voting for the lesser of two evils for over 40 years, never took a fifth grade social studies class on how the US Congress works. The acid test here is that there are dozens of things Biden could do without Congress or SCOTUS, but he won’t, starting with firing Christopher Wray, putting the right people on the USPS board, and getting rid of do-nothing Federalist Society poster boi Merrick Garland. (Dodged a bullet with SCOTUS there, but thanks Obama worshipers, for turning him into a folk hero.)

    This whole scenario is exactly what my ex-husband’s Jewish grandparents told me what living in 1930s Vienna was like. They also screamed into the void for years before realizing that too few people were listening. They escaped thanks to a family member who married into the Freud family. The ones who thought Hitler would never go as far as he did, the ones who trusted the institutions to protect them, all died at the hands of the Nazis. This is my cautionary tale, and now I need to focus on survival, which hopefully entails leaving before it’s too late. Sure, I’ll go vote, but I’m not gullible enough to think it’s going to do anything but perpetuate this boiling frog, ratchet effect, insert-your-collapse-metaphor-here disaster.

  8. I am not a chattel. I will not be disposed of.

    I am not beater, nor banger, not a lead sled. I am not a junker, I am not a used car.

    I am not property to be sent to the crusher or to the junk yard or to auction. I will not be disposed of, unthinkingly, like a piece of trash.

    I am an autonomous being and I will stand, not mute, but not screaming. I will stand as a clear statement about those who diminish me. My dignity is mine alone; I expect and demand respect.

    the world has gone up in flames and the bucket is still under the sink.

  9. yep. all of that. I’m old. I’ve voted my ass of and it’s not helping. Don’t think I’ll live long enough to see the end of this Hellscape. Glad I don’t have children or grandchildren who’d have to suffer through it. Infuriating. Exhausting. I surely wish that those (at least theoretically) in a position to do something about it WOULD, but all we get are namby pamby blah blahs.

  10. Monday was weird. I woke up, had a healthy breakfast, cared for and cuddled my dogs and worked on an insurance article to keep the Capitalist Machine running. Later I went on a walk because it was the healthy thing to do and put away the laundry. All the while, I wondered, why I’m being civil and functional towards a dysfunctional system that can’t support my civil rights to my own body? Am I that socialized and programmed to be “good”? Did “ignore the bullies,” “turn the other cheek” and “love thy enemy” sink in a little too much? Maybe I should throw my clothes out into heavy traffic instead of putting them away politely, let them become “the man’s” problem. Maybe I should write words of outrage instead of explaining to people how construction loans work. I had worse thoughts that aren’t a good idea to post publicly. But also, I need pants to wear, so wrecking shit up doesn’t seem like a productive idea.

    Monday night came with no sleep, zero, zilch.

    Tuesday has been worse. I woke up at 1:30PM. I don’t know how to talk to anyone directly about this and can’t bring myself to try. I’ll probably post this to Facebook, too, too feel better, but knowing the jacked up algorithms will hide my post from most people. I know it’s impotent to show up in November, but it feels like so little. The government doesn’t care about me, never has, so I find it hard to care about it. At multiple points I had to choke back tears because I realized my own mother hasn’t called to see how I’m holding up with all this Roe V. Wade stuff. Does she know it was struck down? Does she care?

    Eventually, the rage and hurt will burn itself out because it’s emotionally untenable. We’ll go on, our rights a little more eroded and Democracy a little more dead. I’ll feel a little less human, but then remember I don’t like the human race much anyway. Maybe it’s not so bad, losing personhood, inch by inch, I’ll say. Did I have it in the first place?

    • “Maybe it’s not so bad, losing personhood, inch by inch, I’ll say.”

      Maybe it’s helpful if you look at things from a different angle.

      We live in a nation built on slavery, land theft, and genocide. Populated in large part by low-IQ, deranged scum, controlled by a tiny thieving class, fueled by hate, ignorance, and envy. Where white supremacy is cemented in its very founding documents, and the will of long-dead slavers of yesteryear continues to supplant the will of people living today, poisoning the very air we breathe.

      And yet, for all that, we somehow keep on keepin’ on. We strive to improve this horrorshow of a society, and slowly, grindingly succeed. And sometimes we are pegged back. But there is purpose in the struggle.

  11. Just make certain you vote for Shapiro for Governor to keep your state legislature from running over you, and for Fetterman for Senate, so we can overcome Manchin and Sinema.

    I’m as mad as you are, but we have to not only vote this November, we each need to get five other people to vote. Because right now, H.L. Mencken is being proven right again – that nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the average American – since the damn fools are about to bring back the Leopards Eating People’s Faces Party to bring the Greatest Traitor In Our History back to finish the job in 2024.

    • There is no world where I wouldn’t vote for and boost Shapiro. And Fetterman, obvs. This is a hashtag NotAllDemocrats scenario. But I also feel like these are two who are earning their votes — Shapiro actually led a rally/protest, and puts himself out there, and has also been an advocate for justice. Imperfectly, I’m sure, but I don’t seek perfection. But I do look for fighters, and at this point I don’t blame anybody who can’t find the enthusiasm to vote for people who won’t fight for them.

  12. I think much of the current dem establishment needs to go. They are too beholden to a different era and a different game. We need people who are willing to fuck shit up and get voted out of office and piss off the people that paid for them to get into office. They need to be willing to make scenes and throw hail mary’s. Instead they do nothing and send me seventy emails a day saying, wow, can you believe the awful stuff happening, lemme hold $50 so I can…uh…stop the bad republicans.

    Biden is not competitive in 24. We need a fucking hail mary because it may be the last election this country has. Instead a very old and incredibly unpopular president will run, lose, and we’ll be stuck with Trump part two or DeSantis and an R congress who will a, ensure they never lose power again, and b, enshrine into law all the stuff we are fighting against, filibuster be damned.

    • I suspect the geriatric Dem leadership are not only beholden to years past; they’re beholden to the same donors who support the GOP. In fact, I know this to be true, as those donations are a matter of public record. And look at Pelosi’s son hanging out with Jared and Ivanka or pics of Schumer attending Roy Cohn’s birthday party. That George Carlin meme about the big club is so popular because it’s true. I believe writing off their inaction to ineptitude and age is letting them off too easy. They’re in on this because fascism is more palatable than socialism. Anything but that.

  13. Thank you, Chuck.

    Each time the Democrats in Congress or The White House shy away from a fight, I’m reminded of a Ron Silver monologue from the TV “The West Wing.” In it, his character pointed out how afraid the Dems are of a fight. They’re always begging, “Please don’t hurt me” rather than either taking or throwing a punch.

    I’m sick of the chickenshits ruling the roost and handing over every damned egg to the GOP Faux crowd. If any of the Dems in either Congress or The Oval Office had even a fraction of a spine, we’d have a glimmer of a hope. But they don’t. So we don’t.

    And on and on the merry-go-round goes as we sink deeper and deeper into the muck.

    I would truly love to shake someone like my own Rep and demand, “For the love of everything, don’t you see what’s happening? Why in hell won’t you fight?”

    But no, my own U.S. chickensh…er… “Representative” is one of the founders of the “Problem Solvers Caucus.” And I want to scream each time I get the latest newsletter touting the truly useless crap they’re attempting to do.

    I have the spineless little jerk on speed dial, and his staff probably hates seeing my number on their phone displays by now.

  14. Thank you, Chuck, for again being so accurate about wtf is going on. Since the debacle on Friday—one in a series of events over the years that have convinced me that fascism is howling at the doors—I have been so angry that I feel as if I could self-combust. I finally broke down in tears this morning, unable to maintain normality, feeling utterly hollowed out. How have so many sociopaths not only come to exist in this benighted country, but have also achieved positions of power over the rest of us? All I know is that I’ll write in Bernie Sanders’ name until the brownshirts take me away, or despite my 65 years, I can gain residency in Scotland. Or, we create third, fourth, fifth parties, and more and send the Duopoly to the garbage dump of history!

    • “Or, we create third, fourth, fifth parties, and more and send the Duopoly to the garbage dump of history!”

      I’m not sure how much good that would do.

      It’s not really a “duopoly”. On one side, you have a near-monolithic political force committed to preserving and promoting white supremacy, with a side nod to clerofascism (to the extent that it enables/benefits white supremacy). That’s the Republicans, a.k.a. the GOP.

      On the other side, you have a ragged coalition of fairly diverse political ideologies that oppose white supremacy. That’s the Democrats. They run the gamut from moderate conservatives (generally “reasonable”, but not 100% averse to cleforascism) to “extreme leftists” (who generally correspond to centrists/moderate left in modern, civilized countries).

      So when folks say “we need more parties”… we already have them. They’re just all under the “Democrat” umbrella. Barely edging out the white supremacists (for now). I don’t see a “Democrat majority” at all.

      • It won’t happen in my lifetime, but we really need to rebuild our political system from the ground up.

        We have de facto at least four parties: alt right, conservatives, centrist Dems, and Progressives. We need to shift to coalition governments like many nations in Europe and elsewhere, so the groups with the biggest money behind them don’t always win and so the far left gets a voice. One reason the centrist Dems, whom I agree are really GOP-lite, dominate the Democratic big tent is the DNC and donor money that supports them. Get big (and especially dark) money out of politics, like Feingold and McCain tried to do.

        Our primary system is rubbish. How is it that some people have already been forced out of the race before some states even get to vote? That whole process needs to be destroyed.

        Also, the campaign period must be shortened. In other, more sane countries, people announce they’re running, there’s an election a few months later, and that’s it. Here, politicians are always running. They govern based on future elections (which is really based on donor demands), not on what their constituents need. So, they run just to stay in power, not to actually do anything. This is particularly true of the Democrats, who should just change their motto to “No, we can’t. Maybe next time.”

        Finally, we need to change all the stuff that’s a holdover from the early days of the US. Eliminate the Electoral College and elect presidents based on the popular vote. Make representation in Congress line up with the population of respective states or districts. Make DC and PR states. Rewrite the Constitution to reflect things the Founding Fathers never could have foreseen, like automatic weapons in the framework of 2A. For a document that is considered so elastic in its interpretation, it’s sure etched in stone when it comes to its language, and it shouldn’t be so sacrosanct.

        Instead, though, we’re headed towards some horrible offspring of the antebellum South and Gilead, with a bit of Russia and North Korea thrown in for good measure. Any attempts to fight back will probably look like the Troubles in Northern Ireland. Our economy seems to be resembling Venezuela more by the day. Attempts at secession will make us look like the Balkans. None of these are good models, and in the face of an ongoing pandemic and planetary collapse, we are well and truly fucked.

  15. I’m British, but I stand with all my sisters in the USA today and tomorrow and the day after that…
    You voted for Trump because he wasn’t Hillary
    You voted for Biden because he wasn’t Trump.
    Next time vote for somebody you actually want.
    (It might be the last time you get to vote).

  16. The only sliver of hope I can hold is that this time, when we move forward, we won’t leave anyone behind.

    • That’s been the case for all of ‘Murica’s history. No reason to change a perfectly uplifting, if laughably false, line today.

  17. Unpopular opinion here I’m sure, but I think the argument with roe vs. wade gets very tangled up. It was not in the constitution and not a constitutional right, so it should not have been decided on by the supreme court in the first place. They returned the rights back to the state, which I think is the right call if we are going to follow the constitution, which by all means we should. Now if the democrats had pursued making this an amendment, then it would be something that could be decided on by the supreme court. The question that should be asked is why did the democrats not do this? And I think Chuck got to the core of it with everything he said about them in his post.

    • “It was not in the constitution and not a constitutional right”

      Almost there, but not quite.

      Banning abortions directly violates the anti-establishment clause, which is in the Constitution, and the right to privacy, which is not explicitly in the Constitution, but is implied by Amendments # 1, 3, 4, 5, 9, and 14. So it could very much be decided by the Supreme Court.

      Recall that the Supreme Court’s ruling that the Constitution upholds the individual’s right to bear arms (Heller, McDonald) also relied on the right to privacy protected by the same Amendments (the Second Amendment does not contain a single instance of the word “individual”). So that right has no more solid standing that the right to abortion in Roe. Yet this same SCOTUS recently upheld that interpretation, while striking down Roe.

      So let’s call it what it is – a cynical, hypocritical move by rogue ideological activists, appointed for life by a minority government, making calls with no regard for the Constitution.

  18. Once again, I cannot understand why all of this isn’t showing you that Dems don’t care about you. Time to start getting third parties into office.

    Fetterman will do nothing for us in Senate.

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