Lickity-Quick News Kick, Slick

Very quick, let me light a news-scented candle and waft the gentle perfume in your direction:

First up: The Book of Accidents is on the long list for the Stoker Awards. Thanks, all! Here’s hoping it ends up there. That’s really cool and I’m in really great company. Sidenote, I re-upped my HWA membership after many, many, maaaany moons.

Then, I got to talk about creepypasta on Gavin Purcell’s very cool podcast, Way Too Interested. The creepypasta expert was the wonderful Lucia Peters. It’s a fun podcast where you basically are interested in a weird topic, and Gavin invites on an expert in said topic, then you all… talk about it. Check it out here. Or don’t. I’m not your dad. Yet.

And over at LitReactor, Gabino Iglesias talks about the books he’s looking forward to that are coming out in 2022 — some real classy picks on there from the likes of Alma Katsu, Paul Tremblay, Ursula Vernon as T. Kingfisher, Clay McLeod Chapman, Eric LaRocca, Cassandra Khaw, and more. “And more,” by the way, is a not-subtle hint that maybe just maaaaaybe Wayward, the sequel to Wanderers, is on that list, which you can find here. And here I note too that Gabino has a fistful-of-teeth book coming out soon, a shiv-in-the-kidney read that will blow your ass away — The Devil Takes You Home, out the same day as Wayward, August 2nd, 2022.

Finally, speaking of Wayward, you can preorder it at B&N today using the code PREORDER25, for 25% off. That is, if you’re so inclined. Link here.


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  1. Your site is suddenly showing as Not secure. But the real problem is that it’s popping up ads for an excavation company. Up at the top AND right over the body of text. Over and over

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