Apple-Obsessed Author Fella

A Little Tiny Baby Of A Book Tour?

Hey, guess what?

I might maybe mayhaps kinda sorta could be coming to your neck of the woods soon, in person, assuming that a) your neck of the woods is somewhere in the Northeastern United States and b) some new COVID fuckery doesn’t rise up and bite us on the ass in the next two months.

What I mean to say is —

Hey! Me, Kevin Hearne, and Delilah S. Dawson are doing a few bookish visits in March!

March 16th, the three of us will be at The Strand in NYC, at 7:00PM. (Details.)

March 17th, we will be at the United Theater (via the Savoy Bookshop) in Westerly, RI (Details.)

And March 18th, we hope to be… somewhere in or around Boston, MA? TBD!

These events will require both masks and vaccinations, because we are not monsters.

And of course, again, it behooves me to note that chaos could come to roost upon us once more if COVID coughs up some new ROBERT LUDLUM’S OMEGA VARIANT that entirely botches our efforts to show up anywhere in person. But! We’re trying it. And we hope you’ll be there. I’ll be out in support of The Book of Accidents in paperback, Kevin will be shouting about the awesome new reissues of his Iron Druid series, and Delilah will be celebrating the truly amazing book, The Violence. Come see us. We will talk about stuff and try to be funny. We will devalue any and all books we can with our signatures. Here’s hoping Omicron is truly peaking and waning and we have a chance to do our (gasp) first in-person events in like, years. I dunno what that’s even going to feel like?

*panic attack ensues*

(And ideally I will be touring this summer for Wayward, but we will know if that’s possible as we get closer to that time. Keep your eyes peeled. Also, ew. Don’t peel your eyes. That’s nasty.)