The Book Of Accidents: More Updates For The Update God

The Book Of Accidents: More Updates For The Update God

WELL, the book is out, innit? It escaped the electric chair it was strapped into, and now, with a flash of searing lightning, it is free. It’s out there. Calling your name from the tunnel, from the rocks, from the old house. You can’t really stop it. So you might as well go along with it, yeah? Yeah.

Figure it’s worth doing another round of updates, if you’re the type of person who cares:

First up, tonight I’m talking with the Mighty Paul Tremblay, one of my favoritest writers, an always-buy author who knows how to write books that rip your heart out of your chest and eat them in front of you. We’re speaking virtually, ON THE COMPUTERS, hosted by The Strand and Metaverse/ReedPop. It should be a great conversation, so please do join!

What else?

In no particular order —

Fangoria has a new excerpt posted! Fangoria! I’m in Fangoria! A moment that, were I to travel back in time to meet Previous Self, Previous Self would casually shit his Previous Pants.

Polygon reposted an earlier excerpt, too, so check that out.

I did a podcast with Talking Scared, really one of my favorite conversations I’ve had yet not only in general, but around this book — if you like horror and fiction and all the squirrely bits about how to do it right or wrong or in-between, then I think this is a conversation you’ll enjoy: Chuck Wendig and the Comforting Embrace of Horror.

Rob Bedford at SFFWorld did a stellar review:

“The result, a modern masterpiece of Dark/Horror Fiction. Highest possible recommendation, it will tough for another book to knock this off of my top spot for 2021.”

And one of my favoritest people, Sadie Hartmann, reviews the book over at Tor Nightfire, with a review title that already has me a-swoonin’ — The Book of Accidents Cements Chuck Wendig’s Status as a Master of Horror (!!).

“In the end, the destination was so worth the harrowing journey. Every worry, every heart-pounding moment, every hitch in my chest, and every swear word uttered…”

The Day also recommends it thusly:

“…Wendig — an outstanding craftsman with clever turns-of-phrase, a sharp descriptive eye, similes-as-miniature-works-of-art and a casually complex ease with character development — throws a variety of sci-fi and folkloric elements into the standard ‘Is there really Evil personified?’ recipe. I wouldn’t say it’s a bonus because his characters ARE so well drawn, but there’s a lot of observational wisdom in here that applies to our sad times.”

I’ll be doing a Reddit AMA this coming Tuesday.

And finally, if you’re still seeking a personalized copy, Doylestown Bookshop is ordering more books for that very purpose, so give them a call or put in a note during your online order.

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