Welcome To Ramble Rocks: The Book Of Accidents Is Out Now

Today is move-in day — the door to the house has opened wide, Ramble Rocks is open for business, the electric chair is empty, and something is calling you from deep inside the old tunnel. The Book of Accidents is now available in the US/CAN and the UK, and I’ll be talking a little more about it as the week goes on, though for my mileage, the less you know about the book going in? The better.

Let’s get some of those buy links out of the way now, shall we?

First, I’m still able to do personalized copies through Doylestown Bookshop.

If you just want signed copies, particularly where I’m doing virtual events, click here.

Signed copies in the UK: here.

Otherwise, please enjoy the book from:

Indiebound | Bookshop | The Strand | Powells

B&N | BAM | Amazon | Apple | Kobo | Google

Audible | Libro.fm

Some other links of note:

From The Guardian:

“It begins in a quite traditional way: a serial killer awaits death in the electric chair; years later, a married couple move with their emotionally fragile son to an isolated old house in the country … Yet this is neither a haunted house story nor another lurid look at an unfeasibly clever murderer, but something more interesting. Wendig combines cosmic horror and human heroism with his continuing theme of the traumatic effect of abusive relationships handed down from father to son; this is a rich, rewarding tale.”

This review (!!) in Grimdark Magazine by Beth Tabler:

“It is like a symphony starting with many discordant and uncomfortable notes that come together so fully the force of the cacophony nails you to your chair.”

A great review from the London Horror Society:

“There is a hint of Shirley Jackson in the new/old family home. A house isolated—despite the presence of neighbour, Jed—physically and psychologically. What goes on there is not bound by the normal rules of reality, but the book this put me in mind of the most was Black House by Stephen King and Peter Straub—but maybe with a touch of Junji Ito’s masterpiece Spiral; the sense that the wrongness at the heart of the story pulls at everything around it…”

I got to chat with the wonderful Scott Neumyer at Shondaland, if you wanna check it out: “Chuck Wendig Finally Got To Write His Haunted House Book

Here’s an interview with me at Grimdark Magazine.

And here’s an awesome video interview at Fango X from Fangoria. I had fun with this!

Also I got to chat a little with Gwenda Bond about the book on behalf of Subterranean Books — check that out here, over yonder hill and dale.

Of course, you can check out any of my virtual tour events here — and tonight kicks off with Aaron Mahnke and myself at the Avengers combo of PA bookstores: Doylestown Bookshop, Let’s Play Books, and Midtown Scholar.

Finally, Del Rey, in partnership with the horror streaming service Shudder, is running a sweepstakes where you can win six months of the streaming service and a hardcover copy of the book, if you’re so inclined to enter. I love Shudder and always find something spooky to watch there. Go forth, enter and win. And then go watch some horror movies.

I hope you check out the book, and if you feel like leaving a review or spreading the word, I’d appreciate it, otherwise I die flailing in the abyss, horror-clowns sucking at my toes as I sink deep into the unabiding dark. JUST SAYING.

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  1. “Move over King, Chuck Wendig is the new voice of modern American horror. The Book of Accidents is a masterwork, and Chuck is only just getting started.”—Adam Christopher, author of Stranger Things: Darkness on the Edge of Town


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