The Book Of Accidents: Reviews, Signed Copies in the UK, And More

As we enter the final lap here, with The Book of Accidents releasing next week (ahhhhh), I figured it was a good time to do one more pre-release roundup.

I posted tour information and where to get signed copies already, buuuut — if you wanted to buy signed copies in the UK, then I have that info available, as well:


Forbidden Planet

Goldsboro Books

Let’s see, what else?

A starred review from Booklist:

“Wendig has fashioned a horror story that feels at once old-fashioned and cutting-edge, masterfully taking a familiar scenario and shaking it up to devastating effect. More proof, if proof were still needed, that Wendig is a force to be reckoned with across genres.”

And a starred review from Library Journal:

“Wendig’s latest is a bold, impressive novel with fierce intelligence and a generous, thrumming heart; this is the author writing at the height of his powers. It’s intimate and panoramic. It’s humane and magical. It’s a world-hopping, time-jumping ride that packs a deep emotional punch.

…blends horror, fantasy, and small-town family drama in an ambitious epic that spans both a multitude of worlds and the interior expanse of the human heart. This one’s essential.”

The audiobook is narrated by Xe Sands and George Newbern — available here.

And tonight I’m a part of the virtual Random House Open House, doing a panel about hot new summer reads — you can find details here on how to attend!

I hope you’ll consider pre-ordering the book or asking your library to carry it. It’s weird to launch a book during a pandemic and I’m still… not entirely sure how I’m doing on that front. And it’s an intensely personal book, to boot, a heart-on-sleeve kind of novel, so hopefully it connects and people find their heart is there in the book, too. (Don’t worry, I didn’t steal your heart. Just… borrowed it, for a little bit.) If you’re so inclined to spread the word, that is a great favor you can do. Thanks, and hope you enjoy the book. One more week. Commence to freaking out.