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Wanderers Nominated For A Dragon Award

AHOY THERE. My computer is still gently melting in the corner of my office, and so a new computer has been summoned from the ether, but that’ll take a week or two. But in the meantime I swiped my wife’s laptop (shh don’t tell her) to update the blog with the news that Wanderers has been nominated for a Dragon Award. And that, alongside a pretty cracking ballot of sci-fi books too — I mean, hello, Annalee Newitz, John Scalzi, Tamsyn Muir, Tade Thompson, Alix Harrow, Martha Wells, and holy crap, Margaret Atwood. And it’s a fan award, too, so it’s nice for a book to be regarded by readers and fans of the genre.

(And I guess you can still register to vote, too?)

Anywho — yay, and thanks!

Also, looks like you can pre-order You Can Do Anything, Magic Skeleton now from Amazon, if you so choose. It comes out in April. And yesterday it was the number one new release in *checks notes* German Poetry, so that’s nice. I’ve always wanted to be a bestselling German Poet, and now me and Natalie Metzger have achieved our goal.

And here’s the full cover now, lookin RILL PRITTY.

And with that, I’m out. Don’t forget, you can also find me on Instagram a little more these days, because everything is covered in shit and set on fire, and sometimes it’s nice to look at people’s dogs, meals, flowers, and birds.