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Psst, The Wanderers e-book Is $3.99

I feel like the post title says it all, but you can grab Wanderers (not The Wanderers, FYI) on e-book currently for $3.99. You can nab it on Kindle, on Kobo, on Dasher, on Dancer, on Apple Books, on B&N, and probably other e-book places that exist that I’m forgetting about?

You can, of course, still procure it at your favorite indie store if you’d like a physical copy — and the paperback is on preorder, too. Many indie stores ship, including my locals, Doylestown Bookshop and Let’s Play Books. You can also use and to buy via local indies. You can even use Libro.FM to grab the audiobook and give back to indie bookstores.

Publishing is in a tough space right now. Every business needs human beings to operate them, and as social distancing strains the workforce, it narrows all channels for books to squeeze through. Which cascades through to publishing employees, authors, bookstore employees, librarians, and so forth. I don’t say to buy books as an act of charity, but ideally, also because you’re getting BOOKS out of it, and if you don’t love books, you’re a heartless banal monster.

Some other places where I am existing currently:

Me and Rob Hart talking about, oops, we wrote predictive novels.

Then, a Reddit fantasy panel where me, Malka Older, Mike Chen, Sarah Pinsker and Sabrina Vourvoulias talk about… oops, we wrote predictive novels.

Then, me and Gary Whitta talk about what it takes to maintain creativity and productivity during a time like this — and also how, fuck it, who said you even have to maintain that?

I swing by the Well, This Isn’t Normal podcast with Sara Benincasa

Finally, I popped by VE Schwab’s Instagram yesterday to talk about… well, books, writing, writing careers, everything, as the opening guest to her wonderful No Write Way program. I think she’s gonna archive it too somehow, so I’ll drop a better link when I have it.

A reminder too that I’m on Instagram, @chuck_wendig.

I also hooked up my podcast mic, so I’m investigating ways to use that and reach out to THE WORLD BEYOND, who knows how? Maybe I’ll forget the mic and will engage with you PSYCHICALLY in your DREAMS.

More as I have it.

Stay safe, stay sane, be good to each other, be good to yourselves.

Read books, you glorious dorks.