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Macro Monday Brings A Little Bit Of Wanderers News

HEY GUESS WHAT? (This is where you say, oh my god are we getting a pony and I’m like, what, no, this is a blog, who said anything about a pony, and now I’m worried we’ve begun this exchange on not just the wrong foot, but a broken foot, because suddenly we’re collectively disappointed about the distinct lack of ponies all up in here.)



Wanderers is on the preliminary ballot for the Stoker Awards!

Preliminary ballot is not the final ballot, of course, but honestly, it’s an honor anytime there is any signal at all that this book is connecting with readers. Thanks, readers!

I also note here, rather selfishly, that I understand Hugo and Nebula nominations close soon, and so ahem ahem ahem, Wanderers is a book, and maybe it’s a good book, and maybe you think it’s worthy of one of those? I dunno. I’m not you. But a bearded boy can hope.

I have other news, quite a lot of it, but I am not at all free to share any of it yet, which is I have come to believe the author’s curse. We are receptacles fit to burst with news we cannot share.

In the meantime, I offer you photos. These three are test shots I took with a new lens — a 35mm macro lens with built-in ringlite. It’s a neat lens, though you basically gotta get right the hell up on your subject, so no bug shots with this one, I think.

Please to enjoy.