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Sweet Baby Yoda, Do I Have Some News For You

Seriously, I would do anything for Baby Yoda. I’d kill for him. I’d die for him. I demand MERCH of him is really what I’m saying. ANYWAY hey hi hello, it’s me, your host, Chnark Moondog, here to drop THE NEWS upon you like pennies flung from the viewing platform of a very tall skyscraper.

First and biggest bit of news: hey, whoa, Wanderers landed on Washington Post’s 50 Notable Books from 2019 list, and I have no idea how it got there on a list filled with such literary luminaries. I assume it’s a mistake and will be corrected shortly but in the meantime I’m going to pretend it deserves to be there.

In addition to Kirkus and Pub Weekly’s best books of 2019 lists, Wanderers also hit Library Journal’s best horror of the year, alongside some notably fantastic books from Gabino Iglesias, T. Kingfisher (aka Ursula Vernon), Paul Tremblay, and John Hornor Jacobs.

It was also a Locus Bestseller for the month of November, too.

Finally, Frankie has found a very good use for the book here.

Wanderers is one of those books that keeps on going, and I have to thank you all for spreading the word about it — it means a lot and I’m so glad the book has connected with people so well. (The book did not make the final round of Goodreads Choice, which I assume is a conspiracy and an oversight, which is to say, it’s not there because there are simply so many damn good books this year.)

In non-bookish news, The Mary Sue talked to me about *checks notes* apples, and only apples. Hear me opine about the Greatest Fruit ever. And also you can now gaze back on the entire #heirloomapplereview2019 thread from Twitter, which is now (mostly) done. I’ll still do a few more, and I’ll definitely talk about the Cosmic Crisp when it comes out, since apparently that’s some kind of Future Moon Apple or some shit. (Link to last tweet in the thread here.)

And now, some photos.