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Macro Monday Is Better Than Mackerel Monday


*hits you in the face with a mackerel*

See? Macro Monday is so much better than getting hit in the face with a mackerel. (Star Wars X-mas ornament macros at the bottom of this post.)

ANYWAY hey hi hello happy Monday everyone.

The weekend tried to rescue us from the banality of the week, but as always, it failed in its task and has retreated to its Party Crypt, where it will return again at the close of Friday to once more try to save us from the oppression of Monday’s brute squad.

Some quick news-tickled updates:

First, hey, that’s right, there’s a new episode of Ragnatalk in the offing. And I’m quite certain that this time we actually finish the last five minutes of Thor: Ragna

*receives note*

Okay I’m informed by my lawyers that we did not finish the movie and instead talked about post-New Year motivation and process and how to stay true to your goals and chip at them meaningfully? What fresh hell is this? Are we some kind of self-help podcast now? Jeez.

(More seriously, the podcast hits on some very real process stuff which may earn some fresh bloggery re: writing. Keep your grapes peeled.)

Next up: another podcast, the Big Beautiful Podcast, as hosted by Jamie Greene. I’m on it! Talking about writing and life and Star Wars and other stuff.

Lessee. What else?

Vultures drops next week! If you want an autographed copy replete with PERSONAL DEATH PROPHECY, you can nab one from Lets Play Books — they’ll ship it right to you. Otherwise, pre-order in print or eBook. Bonus: now available for pre-order in audio as well, hosted by series narrator, Emily Beresford!

Speaking of audio, you can also pre-order the audio for Death & Honey, the triumvirate of novellas by Kevin Hearne, Delilah Dawson, and yours truly. My story is a story featuring Wren, from the Miriam Black series, and nestles comfortably between the end of Book 5 and Book 6. Also, Subterranean Press is doing a limited print edition, with some signed and signed/lettered editions left. Check it out.




*kicks you out of the van*

*speeds off*