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Macro Monday Wants You To Have A Cookie

Break is now officially-officially over for me — like I was kinda back last week, but our child remained off of school for the week so we were still half-assing it, more or less.

It was a good break.

We saw Bumblebee, which was actually a lot of fun — a G1 Transformers adventure which really, more people should’ve seen. It’s like A GIRL AND HER PONY, except, her pony is a Transformer? Whatever. It’s a blast. Also saw Mary Poppins Returns, which was also a lot of fun and full of the light and whimsy and goodness I sorta needed to get my 2019 started — it drags maybe a little in the middle, with maybe one song too many, but overall, a joy to behold.

Christmas was good. New Years was good. Nothing particularly exciting — I mean, sure, we accidentally cooked Santa in the fireplace (ha ha my bad) and on the New Year I fired a rifle in the air in the ANCIENT WENDIG WAY, and the rifle bullet took a chip out of the moon? But that’s okay, I’m pretty sure that’s where the secret Nazi base was, so, for reals, YOU’RE WELCOME.

There is, of course, news.

First, if you were looking to pre-order Vultures and you wanted a signed copy with a customized death prediction, well, once again Let’s Play Books has you covered. Click here and they’ll get you set up. (You can actually order any of the books in the series this way, btw.)

I should also note that Vultures — out January 22nd! Two weeks (and a day)! — is in some people’s hands already in ARC form, and a head’s up to those people: the book ain’t right. It’s the wrong version of the book, pre-edit, and though I don’t think it’s dramatically different, it’s got enough errors and such that I’m kinda disappointed people might be using it for review copies.

Be aware, regardless.

Wanderers, on the other hand, has a longer road to publication (July 2nd!) but that book has already begun to collect fancy blurbs from a series of wonderful authors — I’m sitting on a very nice collection of very kind comments, and the publisher has posted a few of these, so I’m going to post the first three here, too —

Wanderers is wonderful—a suspenseful, twisty, satisfying, surprising, thought-provoking epic of a novel. Chuck Wendig has taken his considerable talents to the next level. Dig in.”

—Harlan Coben, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Run Away

“Chuck Wendig’s latest Wanderers is a magnum opus of both storytelling and prose. Epic in scope, yet told with an intimacy that hooked me from the first page. It reminded me of a technological version of Stephen King’s The Stand—but dare I say, this story is even better: a post-apocalyptic horror story that bares the best and worst of humanity in all its rawest forms. Don’t miss this tour de force. It left me awed.”

—James Rollins, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Crucible 

Wanderers is a stunning epic that deftly weaves together a deadly pandemic, ideological violence, and environmental collapse in a way that feels both fantastically mysterious and very frighteningly plausible. Wendig’s tale brims with the irresistible dread of The Stand and prose as sharp and heartbreaking as Station Eleven, but what sets this book apart and will keep you riveted until the end is its deeply compelling cast of characters—courageous, terrified, flawed, but most of all, full of hope. Simply put, Wanderers is a masterpiece.”

—Peng Shepherd, author of The Book of M

So, I’m definitely vibrating a little over here.

You can pre-order the book in Print or eBook.

There also a new episode of Thor: Ragnatalk, where surely, surely, Anthony and I cover the actual last ten minutes of the movie and definitely don’t spend our entire time eating and reviewing New Zealand snacks. I mean, probably.

And that’s it.

Have a great week, weirdos.