25 Reasons To Keep Making Stuff

Yesterday I did a thread on Twitter — replete with animated GIFs! — that I thought was valuable enough to put here, too, at Ye Olde Blogge. So, here it is — note, the animated GIFs are missing, so you’ll have to behold the original thread for maximum effect.

*clears throat*




Why make anything? Why be creative? Not how – but rather, WHY?

25 reasons, starting now.

1. Because you need to escape the fuckery, and what you make is a door. A book, a piece of art, even an excellent meal – it’s a doorway out. It’s the tunnel dug out behind the Rita Hayworth poster in your prison cell.


3. Because creation is #resistance. Making things is additive. And in a subtractive time such as this, you must balance the void with its opposite. That is an act of defiance. And we need more defiance.

4. Because stories and art change the world. Individually, collectively, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. Art is a glorious mutator. It evolves you. It evolves us. And eventually, the world.

5. Because you Making Cool Shit also makes the Worst People mad. Good. Fuck ‘em. Make stuff that makes those monsters mad.

6. Because what you make is a carrier for ideas. A Trojan horse stuffed with your NOTIONS. Packed tight with arguments and hopes and fears and solutions. Even when you don’t mean it to be? It is.

7. Because what you do is bigger than what’s going on. What you make is about tomorrow, so the cuckoo bananapantsness of today must not stop you.

8. Because what you make will outlast this ungovernable fuckshittery. What you make are mountains. We will cling to their peaks. And when the Tides of Stupid recede, the mountains of what you made will remain

9. Because it’s therapy. It’s therapy first for you, and if you share it, eventually for us, too.

10. Because it feels good, even when it feels hard, and feeling good is, uhh, well, GOOD. I don’t have to explain that any more than I have to explain puppies or cookies. Or cookies shaped like puppies, or cookies for puppies, or puppies baked into – wait scratch that last part.

11. Because you need that dopamine hit, baby. Mm, yeah, gimme that precious dopamine ping, that rush, that PAROXYSM OF CREATIVE DELIGHT. Nnngh. Unnngh. Yeah. *bites lip*

12. Because you need to up your game. No matter the era, no matter the epoch, no matter how fucking goofy things get – YOU STILL GOTTA UP THAT GAME. And making things ups your game.




I’m sorry that was very rude

14. Because you making something helps encourage others to make stuff, too. They see you doing it, and they want in on that BAD-ASS MAKER ACTION. CREATIVE SOLIDARITY, MOTHERFUCKER.

15. Because if you don’t, you disappoint this already-disappointed screech owl. Look at that owl. Feel its judgment. You need to turn this screech owl’s frown upside-down. That’s on you. DO NOT SHIRK YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES

16. Because seriously, what else are you going to do, just sit here and stare at Twitter? It’s like staring into a blender full of chipmunks. Jesus, go make something, if only to find something better to do for the next hour.

17. Because making stuff is SEXY.

Okay I don’t know if that’s true but I’m gonna go with it.

*strokes beard seductively*

*finds a half-eaten Kit-Kat in the beard*

*eats half-eaten Kit-Kat seductively*

18. BECAUSE ART IS A WEAPON. A far more effective one than your standard weapon, too. LISTEN SPITE IS A POWERFUL MOTIVATOR, OKAY. Spite is your fuel source. Art is your flamethrower. WHOOSH, MOTHERFUCKER.

19. Because when you make things, you learn things, and education is good.

20. Because when you make stuff, you improve yourself. And we need you in fighting shape. YOU MUST BE A WHETTED BLADE READY TO SLICE THROUGH SHENANIGANS, CHICANERY, AND GARBAGE.

21. Because it’s what Li’l Sebastian would’ve wanted.

22. Because time is a depleting resource. You have what you have, which is this moment, right now. There is no guarantee you can make things later. So make things now. And if that’s hard, there’s always

23. Because you’re going to fail sometimes, and that’s a necessary thing. Failure is an inoculation. It bolsters your creative immune system. And in this ENDLESS CYCLE OF STUPID, you really, really need a strong intellectual and creative immune response.

24. Because art is beauty. Stories, poetry, craftwork, food, it’s all beautiful and this ugly world needs a dollop of beauty. There is beauty in both the act and the result of making stuff. So kick the shitstorm out of the sky with an aggressive rainbow counterattack.

25. Because



You think that bloated sack of stinkbugs and hate has ever made a thing in his life? He is a sucking chest wound. He doesn’t make anything and wouldn’t know art if it parted that merkin atop his head. SO DO THE OPPOSITE OF THAT SUPPURATING ASSHOLE.

So, keep on making stuff, folks.

You have your marching orders.

Now buy my books or I die gesticulating in the void.

* * *

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32 responses to “25 Reasons To Keep Making Stuff”

  1. I’ve been making stuff up for the past two hours and my brain hurts. Then I read your blog and my brain rebelled, and said fuck of, why do you give a shit, you’re not even American. And I said, piss of brain I do give a shit because we’re in the middle of a global shit storm and privileged twats are running the show supported by an army of empty vessels promoting their bile, ignorance and greed. And my brain said, okay stop ranting I give in let’s make some more stuff up. And I said, no let’s go and make a cup of tea, Coz that’s what us Brits do. Then we’ll carry on making stuff up, and hopefully one day spread a little light into the world.

    • I generally arm myself with an entire family-size pot of tea before sitting down to Make Stuff Up. (I also am not American.)
      Currently I am making up a humorous mystery because a) truth and justice are important and b) we could all do with a bit of respite and a laugh.

  2. Nice Shawshank Redemption reference.

    Can someone explain who is Li’l Sebastian? Is he an actual person? A rapper? A raptor (which is what I almost typed the first time)? Some mythological representation of the inner child whose soul is on the precipice of despair unless we get our creative juices (and asses) flowing? (Or maybe not that last bit. Scratch that.) Please. I need answers. #headcoldssuck

    • Li’l Sebastian was a miniature horse that was very important to the people of Pawnee, Indiana in the show Parks and Recreation. His death inspired the song ‘10,000 Candles in the Wind’ by the band Mouse Rat, also from Pawnee.

      If you haven’t seen Parks & Rec the show is a delight. The first season is a little rough, but after that it hits its stride and keeps on going.

  3. 100% that.

    (I created a meme last year [that didn’t even get a single share] which said: “Art is weaponized hope.” I even spelled it with a ‘z’ though I’m British. Didn’t help. The Wendig has the power.)

  4. I have a sticky note on the edge of my monitor: “Shithead Nazis do not want you to make cool things which is excellent motivation to go make cool things.” — @ChuckWendig

    My husband and I have been MAKING. A. WHOLE. NEW. WORLD. It’s sort of like this one except it sucks less in some ways and sucks more in other ways but there are dragons and magic and elves and more magic and WHEEEEEEE! We’ve been having a blast. Maybe we’ll be ready for some roleplayers after the Season of Soul-Sucking Commercialism. Or maybe spring equinox. Worldbuilding is like making a stew. Hmm. I should go do that, too. Not tonight, though.

  5. Just had this discussion with a writer friend who asked, “What’s the point? The worlds going to hell.” I told her that’s exactly why. Next time I’ll show her this list.

    Also, I need an “Art is weaponized hope” shirt. I need it yesterday.

  6. You are awesome! While I write my assignment your books was the only bright lite in my life. Actually it was really hard to study because my promise “5 page more and back to work” wasn’t work at all. Your style have something charming and that’s what I like the most. Thanks for your hard work!

  7. I find that making stuff up is my escape from the ridiculousness of the world. If I can escape into a realm of my imagination where everything is how I think it should be, what is there to upset me? Nothing. There is no strife. However, since there is no strife, there is also no growth. As a result, I try not to dwell into my imaginary world for too long and become stagnant as a person.

  8. I make stuff. Every day, I stitch “THIS IS NOT NORMAL” onto a Flag of Resistance (I’m on the third one now). Next time I wonder if it matters or makes any difference, I will reread this post, as many times and as often as needed.

  9. I sent this to a friend a while back. In the wake of our disappointing and disheartening election results here in Australia, he reposted it on facebook. Thank you.

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