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Macro Monday Has A Very Cool Thing To Show You

The featured image — which I think you only get if you are visiting the site here, not if you subscribe, do I have that right? — is a squirrel chomping down on some random berries. It’s an imperfect shot; I wish the squirrel had been just a bit more into the frame, but it was not to be, sadly. Still, I like the little fucker’s expression.

Anyway! The really cool thing I have to show you is this:

That is the Chinese edition cover of The Raptor & The Wren from Beijing White Horse Time. They’re the Chinese publisher of the Miriam Black series, and you can see the other four covers here:

So pretty. Not sure who the artist is, though I will try to find out. Note too that Beijing White Horse Time will also publish Vultures.

Speaking of which, Vultures is now up for pre-order — and that cover, if you haven’t seen it, is easily my favorite of the whole series thus far:

Adam Doyle nailed that one. Really, just — *swoon*

A casual reminder that The Raptor & The Wren is out now —

Print | eBook

And Vultures comes out in January —

Preorder Print | Preorder eBook

So, yeah.

Six books, and in January, Miriam’s journey is over.

Not much else going on, so here’s a couple more macro photos to tickle your primary visual cortex — please to enjoy. (Oh, and yes, that red-spotted purple butterfly does seem like she’s about to hoover up some kind of other bug’s poop. Ahh, nature. So precious!)