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Macro Monday Is A Crab Offering You A Quest — Will You Heed The Call?

The crab offers you a quest. Do you take it?

ANYWAY HEY HI HELLO what is up, my frandos.

So, some nice news —

Damn Fine Story is now out on bail!

*checks notes*

wait, no

Damn Fine Story is now out on audio!

There, that’s better.

It’s read by Patrick Lawlor, who does a very good job of… well, essentially pretending to be me? So, if you’re one of the people who have been waiting for this book on audio, we gotchoo covered.

Also, DFS continues to sell really well? So thank you? In BookScan, it has now outsold Zer0es — which is no small feat. Given the e-book of Zer0es, that still remains one of my biggest books in terms of total sales, alongside the first Miriam Black book, Blackbirds, but to see DFS do so well in its first year of release has been heartening. And I just pitched its sequel to Writer’s Digest, so, we shall see. It would be a more genre-focused version of DFS, some Advanced Level Story-Fu dealing with sci-fi and fantasy and horror and maybe a little mystery-thrillery-crimey goodness, too. Here’s hoping WD takes the bait, so I can have an excuse to do more obscene, absurd footnotes.

And speaking of that, I got to hang out at the Writer’s Digest Conference in NYC this past weekend, and got to meet Jeff and Ann Vandermeer and hear Walter Mosely speak (which is sublime, lemme tell you) and it’s always great connecting with writers of every level and age and publishing experience. Thanks for coming out and listening to me jabber.

And now, for some more wistful photographic remembrance of the PNW —