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Macro Monday And The Fuck Trump Tweet

Here, have a pretty macro photo.

There shall be more at the bottom of the post.

Fuck Donald Trump.

I said that on Twitter the other day — that thread is here — and apparently, it resonated, given that it went somewhat viral. As it should, honestly. (Resonate, not go viral.) The time of being precious and polite is long past us. This is an era of dark corners, and we just keep on turning them, into deeper, blacker pockets of moral, national shadow. Our president — “president” — is the sick, beating heart of this whole thing, but he’s not alone in his fuckery, so nor should he be alone in his condemnation. We must condemn all his cronies, from Miller to Pence, and we must further condemn a dead-eyed, undignified, complicit Congress for — at best — idly standing by as he chews at the wires and support beams of this nation like a mad rat, and at worst, for helping him do all the things he does. Including, though certainly not limited to, separating migrant families at the border, and putting the children into a range of facilities, from prisons to cages to tent cities in the Texas heat. Fuck Trump, fuck the whole lot of them, and fuck the voters who helped vote for this foul stain upon our nation’s flag, credo, and fabric.

It’s hard not being angry all the time. And it’s weird being a writer or person of entertainment at this period because you mostly just wanna kick things and spit and thrash around, and yet we still have to form cogent sentences and sometimes use those cogent sentences to entertain, enlighten, and advertise.

So, we do what we can.

My best is that I can help you escape, from time to time, with the *waves magic wand* the mysteeeerious wooooorlds of fiiiiction, and so again I gently nudge you toward the fact that Zer0es is still like, $1.99 right now — or, if you’re looking for something different, people ask where to start with my fiction, well, I did a post that helps you figure exactly that.

In the meantime, I give you again some shiny-pretty-macro-and-non-macro photos. If only to give myself, and you, a moment’s solace in this time of unbridled fuckery.

(The first photo, by the way, is of a true rara avis, the scarlet tanager — a somewhat reclusive bird that’s also really beautiful, and hard to capture. Been trying to get a good shot of this one for weeks now with the new 100-400 lens. This one isn’t a great photo, but it’s serviceable, and I’m just happy to have gotten it. Also, the second photo — of a bee-like hover-fly — is a photo of what I think margined calligrapheris called a “.” What a fucking cool name for a bug. For anything! Find joy where you can folks. My other photos are over at Flickr.)