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Macro Monday Shells Shellseas On The Shoresea

Macro Monday would also very much prefer to be somewhere beachy and warm instead of this cold damp. (Though, I’ll note, I do kinda like the foggy Twin Peaks vibe our woods have been giving off lately.)

I don’t have much to put here — I have various snidbits of news, none of which I can properly share, as yet, so mostly I’m sitting here biting a belt, wincing as I say nothing. Meanwhile, if I’ve been a bit scarce here recently, it’s because I’m face down in the Editing Trench with Wanderers. Currently, I’m on page 400 of… *checks document* 1100 which ha ha ha is only 700 pages to go, that’s fine, I’m sure that’s fine.

So, that’s where I’m at.

Waiting on Vultures edits, soon.

Here’s a nice review of The Raptor & The Wren from Adventures in Poor Taste (excerpted below, click link for whole enchilada):

The Raptor and the Wren pulls off a near perfect balance of new revelations connecting with prior knowledge and events. Story-wise, it’s another fantastic chapter in Miriam’s unending (and possibly futile) quest to send her demons back to where they came from. As always, the supporting cast is brilliant, terrifying, and tragic. Just like her.

Also, if you thought the ending to the Thunderbird made you mad, then make sure you have something to hit and/or squeeze after the last page of this one.

Also, here’s a couple reviews of Damn Fine Story.

This one, from Milliebot Reads:

“Wendig is comical and relatable, yet delivers excellent writing advice. Oftentimes writing guides can be dry, or maybe too full of personal experience to be helpful (depending on what style works for you). Wendig’s book is primarily filled with his “rules” and the pop culture examples he uses to help illustrate them – which I found insanely useful – and then a few personal moments here and there. I’ve never enjoyed a writing guide so much before.”

And another, from Reads & Reels:

“For me, this guide is a must-read, and a must-reread, that will serve as a reference right near my writing desk. Wendig puts his unique spin on some craft techniques you may already be familiar with. I found myself making notes and underlining valuable passages throughout the book, but even more so in the second half. The section on the building blocks of tension, the one on character motivation—I can’t thank Wendig enough for those. He covers almost every aspect of craft, including pacing, dialogue, character arcs, themes…and symbols, motifs—and on and on. Get your highlighter handy!”


Have a great week, humans.



The Raptor & The Wren: print | ebook

Damn Fine Story: print | ebook