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The Miriam Black Books: Giveaway, Plus How To Get Signed Copies




*opens trenchcoat*

*trenchcoat contains an infinite cabinet of birds, good birds and bad birds and strange birds and mad birds, from the hooded pitohui to the Eastern Phoebe to the grebe to the rough-faced shag, and they all whisper to you in tandem: you really want the Miriam Black books*

Okay so — last night, I launched The Raptor & The Wren to a full house of wonderful readers last night at the also wonderful Let’s Play Books in Emmaus, PA. And I’ll be at the Elgin Literary Festival (ELF!) this weekend to give a talk and also attack you with owls. I mean, sign your book?


So — note that if you want a signed book from me, whether it’s the Miriam Black books or really, any of my other books, then Let’s Play Books has you covered. They will ship to wherever you are. Check out their website and contact them via their email or via this antiquated device I’ve heard about called a “pa-honie” —

*receives note*

Ahh, it’s pronounced FONE. Cool.

Also! is doing a giveaway of the series, so go check that out. Their giveaway runs till January 26th, so you’ve got a couple days.

If you’ve checked out this series, thank you — it’s been a long, weird, wonderful labor of love. Please to enjoy, and tell your friends. Or don’t tell them, I’m not your father. But I will be when I get this time machine up and running, just you wait.

P.S. one more quick thing — if you’re going to ECCC in Seattle, I will be there. My schedule is here! Also, I’ll be attending the Worldbuilders Party that Friday (details here), and I’ll be running a game of Balderdash at my table, so donate to the charity, come hang out, play a wordsmithy game about lying liars who lie, come out to the coast, we’ll have a few laughs.