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Macro Monday Is A Magic Fox



The Writer Shed Fox is back — this year I’d only seen it (him? her?) by way of its footprints, but the other day after a snow, poof, there it was, right in front of the shed. I quick grabbed my camera and snapped a shot just before it ducked under a pair of boulders by our driveway.

Also, today is the day we met this doofus (seen there on the left) — at the time, at the shelter, she was named Sascha, but we found that too crude, too inelegant, and we wanted something with more class. So we ceded the dog-naming to the then-four-year-old, and he of course went with SNOOBUG, so here we are, with SNOOBUG the dog, who looks very much like someone took the head off a Corgi, stuck it on the body of a German Shepherd. A German Frankencorgi, perhaps.


I have some news to share but I can’t yet share it.

I also have another piece of news to share but I can’t share that, either.

I just got the edit on my massive monster-sized novel (Wanderers, clocking in presently at 260,000 words), and it’s a 17-page edit letter, and I’ve never gotten one of those before! I expected to hate it, to quiver, to run in fear, but everything was… like, really right on? It’s gonna take some work to kick this fucker into shape, but it’s worth doing, because I think this book is really something. I hope you’ll agree when it comes out next year.

Also, poised to finish Vultures, the final Miriam book.

Which reminds me:


The Raptor & The Wren releases. [print | ebook]

See you then.