Apple-Obsessed Author Fella

Where I’ll Be (So Far!) In 2018

I WILL SHOW UP IN PLACES IN 2018, and I figure it’s best I don’t do this randomly, without warning, like some kind of ghost or gopher.

Or gopherghost.

I figure to maximize my appearances, I should actually…

…well, tell you about them? It’s a radical idea, and I’m running with it.

Let us begin:

January 23rd

Book launch, The Raptor & The Wren, Let’s Play Books, 6:30PM, Emmaus, PA. Details here on the bookstore’s Facebook page. Come by, I’ll sign books, we’ll have a few laughs, we’ll talk about life and death and fate and free will and also porgs.

January 27th – 28th

Elgin Literary Festival, near Chicago, IL! I’m one of the guests, I’ll say stuff, we can talk about writing. It’ll be nice. Details here.

March 1st – 4th

Emerald City ComicCon! Very excited for this. Not sure of my schedule as yet but I hope it’ll be cool. Seattle is awesome and I’ve heard only aaaamaaaazing things about this con. ECCC Website.

March 24th

RWA Workshop (“Characters as Architects, Not Architecture”) in Austin, TX! 9AM to 2PM. Details here. Come say hi! Bring me a taco!

April 20-22nd

RavenCon in Williamsburg, VA! I’m the Author Guest of Honor, yay. You should go and it will be grand. Ravencon Website.

May 24th – 27th

Phoenix ComicCon! I again return to the scorching dry demon’s mouth that is Arizona — always a great time, let’s eat tacos and drink Cartel Coffee together and I mean, sure, something about books? PHXCC Website.

And I think that’s it for now, though I’m probably missing something.